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Angel Money Marketing LIVE

24 - 26 June 2016     /     Los Angeles

Embassy Suites LAX / 9801 Airport Blvd 90045

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Benefits To Attend

Double YOUR Revenue In 2016

Strategic marketing is critical for your success. With proper tactics & strategy design, you have time to implement & "double your revenues" in 2016.  We reveal these strategies that will give you the edge.

Learn How & Where To Raise Millions Of $$$

You are only one strategy or introduction away from raising all the investment capital you need. Give yourself the opportunity to make that happen here, spending dedicated time with professionals to give you the competitive edge.

Guaranteed Traffic Strategies For Any Site

Website traffic is the first priority business owners need to generate sales and cash flow.  Learn multiple proven traffic strategies that will flood your business with traffic.

Meet & Network With Angel Investors

Investors will be in attendance here to review marketing strategies. Will YOU stand out? This is YOUR chance to network with actual angel investors and high net worth investors.

Gain Clarity On Your Brand

Branding is critical to be recognized and stand out above the crowd. From your business plan, proposal, pitch deck, to website and social media. We reveal top strategies to effectively brand your business and set you above the rest!

Using Crowdfunding to Raise $$

With the new crowdfunding laws in place, raising capital is now a function of your marketing strategy.  Learn insider marketing strategies that can guarantee your deal is seen by thousands of qualified "Accredited Investors".

Powerful Networking To Benefit YOU

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. We will facilitate powerful networking environment to ensure you meet the “right” people to help you accomplish your goals and expand your sphere of influence.

How To Protect Your Assets & Future

Entrepreneurs must build a solid foundation in order to protect their assets from potential legal and regulatory problems.  Here you will learn imperative Must Dos to protect your business and your future. 

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Agenda At A Glance

Thursday, June 23, 2016 – Early Registration & Networking

03:00 —                   Hotel Check In

 5:00 —  6:00          Early Registration – 1st Floor – Pacific Ballroom

 7:00 —  9:00          VIP Reception & Networking with Speakers

Friday, June 25, 2016: Marketing Your Investment Opportunity & Crowdfunding

07:00 — 07:45        Registration, Refreshments & Networking

08:00 — 08:45       Opening Remarks: Greg Writer, CEO Angel Investors Network

08:45 — 10:00        Hollywood Profit Faucet Speech

10:00 — 10:15          Break

10:15 — 11:45           Monopolize Your Market

11:45 — 12:00          Saving America

2 Hour Intermission And Buffet Lunch Break

 2:00 — 3:15           Video: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool on the Web

 3:15 — 4:45            Raising Capital

 4:15 — 5:45            Bernt Ullmann: Star Branding & Licensing

 5:00 — 6:00          Closing Remarks

 7:00 — 9:00         Reception & Networking

Saturday, June 25, 2016: Sequence & Action Item Planning

07:30 — 08:00          Registration & Networking

08:00 — 08:30         Opening Remarks: Greg Writer, CEO, Angel Investors Network

08:30 — 10:00          Paul Hoyt: Power of Clarity: Business /Product /Pricing /Deal Structure

 10:00 — 10:30          Morning Break & Networking

10:30 — 12:00           Jobs Act, New Laws & Crowdfunding, 506c, RegA & Title 3

2 Hour Intermission And Buffet Lunch Break

 2:00 —  3:30          4 Levers To Double Triple & Maybe Quadruple Your Revenues

 3:30 —  5:00          Master Your Marketing Mastermind Offer

 5:00 — 5:15            Closing Remarks

 7:00 — 9:00           VIP Dinner & Networking

Sunday, June 26, 2016: Everything Marketing

07:00 — 07:45          Registration, Refreshments & Networking

08:00 — 09:00         Opening Remarks: Greg Writer, CEO, Angel Investors Network

09:00 — 10:00         Session 1: Direct Mail Marketing To Millions

10:00 — 10:30          Morning Break & Networking

10:45 — 12:00          Session 2: Speaker TBA

2 Hour Intermission And Buffet Lunch Break

 2:00 — 3:00          Session 3: Speaker TBA

 3:00 — 4:00          Session 4: Speaker TBA

 4:00 — 5:00          Session 5: BizPAD, Commitment & What’s Possible

 5:00 — 6:00          Closing Remarks, Group Picture & Networking

Meet The Speakers

Greg Writer, CEO & Founder Angel Investors Network

Mr. Writer is an executive with over 31 years experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers, acquisitions, software development and sales/marketing.

At the age of 21, he was the youngest owner and operator of a full service investment banking firm in the history of the United States where he was directly involved in over $100 million in financing's, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

He is a nationally known professional speaker/trainer and provides marketing and business consulting, specializing in business strategy, marketing, capital engineering and corporate finance.

Mr. Writer is the CEO & Founder Angel Investors Network, a syndicate of successful entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing & management experts, lawyers, and accountants, who have built successful companies in a diverse set of industries.

Mr. Writer helps entrepreneurs in the areas of capital formation, raising equity capital, crowdfunding and every facet of business management and marketing to help them acquire what they need to be successful and accomplish their dreams.

Mr. Writer is often referred to as the "Entrepreneurs best Friend".

Kevin Harrington, The Original Shark On Shark Tank & Inventor Of The Informercial

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur and business executive who is widely acknowledged as a pioneer and principal architect of the infomercial industry, and is best known as one of the investor “sharks” on television’s Shark Tank. In 1984, Mr. Harrington produced one of the first 30-minute infomercials.

Since then, he has been involved with over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion worldwide with 20 products that reached individual sales of over $100 million.  Kevin will join us Via Skype & not be able to appear in person.

Bernt Ullmann, CEO & President Star Branding

Generating Over $5 Billion in Transactions, Mr. Ullmann is a founding partner of Star Branding ( ), a critically acclaimed licensing and brand management partnership between Tommy & Andy Hilfiger, Joe Lamastra & Mr. Ullmann.

As the CEO of Star Branding, Mr. Ullmann provides mastery in creating, incubating, developing, marketing and distribution of leading lifestyle brands for superstars such as; Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Nicki Minaj, David Bowie and Adam Levine.

Mr. Ullmann served as founding President & CEO of MESH, a partnership with Li & Fung, as well as President & CEO of Shop Your Way Brands, a division of Sears Holdings Corp. He was Corporate Vice-President of Donna Karan International, President of Fubu International, Managing Director of Coogi, President of Phat Fashions, and President of New Business Development for Kellwood. Mr. Ullmann has a BA and a MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Nik Halik, CEO & Founder, Financial Freedom Institute

Mr. Halik is the founder and CEO of companies such as Financial Freedom Institute, Lifestyle Revolution, Money Masters Global, 5 Day Weekend, The Thrillionaires, and co-founder of iCoach Global.

Having founded the Thrillionaire movement, he is a 5 Day Weekend lifestyle strategist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, aspiring civilian Cosmonaut, high-adrenaline adventurer and best-selling author. He became a multi-millionaire and amassed great wealth through savvy investments in property, business and the financial markets.

Mr. Halik's group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 350,000 individuals in over 41 countries. Apart from his other businesses, he is also stakeholder in a number of businesses around the world, including Vertex Media, a Hollywood Television and Film production company.

He is currently an angel investor and strategic adviser for several tech start-ups in the U.S.  Mr. Halik has private homes in the Greek Islands, Morocco, the United States and Australia.

Aaron Scott Young, Small Business Consultant & Advocate

As CEO of Laughlin Associates, Aaron has served as a strategic-thinking partner for more than 80,000 business owners across a wide range of industries—from the largest yacht broker in the US, to franchisees, to electrical contractors, to medical professionals. Having witnessed both their common mistakes and common successes, he knows what works and what does not.

Drawing on his own entrepreneurial and corporate experience, as well as what he has observed with his diverse clientele, Aaron has developed a cutting-edge system to help small business owners level the playing field. He teaches them the six critical strategies that make the difference between failure and long-term success.

Clients call on Aaron for his opinion and help brainstorming every aspect of business operations, including:

  • Corporate structuring
  • Asset management and protection
  • Growth strategies
  • Partnership issues
  • Leadership
  • Corporate compliance

Paul Hoyt, Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

Paul Hoyt, managing partner and best-selling author, has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of growth and discovery. His expertise, strong passion, and comfort “from the boardroom to the boiler room” allows him to propel professionals and organizations from a myriad of different industries and experience to reach the business and personal success they want.

His experience and extensive knowledge in the key performance areas of a business enables Paul to analyze and assess the strengths, opportunities and gaps of your foundations, and then develop the strategic and business plans, financial models, and growth strategies needed to improve profitability, productivity, and growth. His experience includes management responsibilities at Oracle, EDS, Litton Industries, and Qwest Cyber Solutions, and he’s helped clients and businesses of all sizes achieve tremendous success in funding and executing their growth and exit strategies, goals and objectives.

Paul is an authority at managing high risk, large-scale programs, and complex, cross-functional project teams, to achieve both incremental and revolutionary improvements across multiple and international locations. He has served on the faculty of the CEO Space Business Growth Conference for 10 years, and spends his time as a mentor and consultant, board member and financial advisor to dozens of companies, veteran entrepreneurial organizations, and many other non-profit and other organizations across the country.

Caleb Huey, Marketing Expert

Mr. Huey brings over 9 years of experience in marketing to the financial community. His focus on marketing under the JOBS Act has been picked up in multiple news outlets including the Wall Street Journal. Under Mr. Huey’s direction, his team received the Internet Advertising Competitions “Best Investor Relations” Award.

His focus on capital formation for early stage companies has given him a unique mixture of valuable knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs and investors with access to undiscovered early stage investment opportunities.

His focus has set him apart and gained the attention of Private Equity Managers, Venture Capitalists, Hedge Funds, and Family Offices worldwide. His latest joint venture includes a pipeline of privately held companies seeking to raise $50,000,000 each, prior to seeking public status

Seth Greene, Nationally Recognized DRM Expert

He is the only person in history that Dan Kennedy has nominated for marketer of the year three years in a row.

Seth Greene is the author of six best-selling books, including Market Domination for Podcasting.

Seth has been featured on CBS money watch, CBS news, the LA Times, the Boston Globe, the Miami Herald, and the #1 morning radio show in New York City.

Seth has worked with some of the biggest names in the business land has spoken on stage with Dan Kennedy, Jeff Mask (Infusionsoft), Dave Dee, Darcy Juarez, Sam Bell, Dustin Matthews, Dave VanHoose, and many other marketing luminaries.

Seth has been written about in three best-selling business books, the top industry trade journal, and in Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Newsletter.

Mike Koenig’s put him in his launch videos as one of his all-stars.

He represents everyone from local bricks and mortar businesses to 4 Fortune 500 companies.

Seth is the founder of one of the fastest growing direct response marketing firms in the country, Market Domination LLC, and he’s here to show us how to attract new customers like magic, so  I’m excited to welcome Seth Greene!

Andrew Fischer, Personal Development Coach for CELEBRITIES


*Bubba Watson's Personal Development Coach (09'-14')
*Founder of FishFit L.L.C.- a personal development coaching brand.
*Founder of RoyalRep L.L.C.- a technology company focused on creating digital assets for "new generational" celebrities.
*Director of Product Development for "Phantom Weights L.L.C."

*Creative director of digital assets for CLB (Celebrity Lifestyle Brands)- a company dedicated to social media, technology, and apparel monetization for A list celebrities.


10 years experience as a Personal Development Coach helping top level athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs. Structuring specific professional/personal goals to optimal performance. Teaching the step by step secrets of how to become emotionally fit, financially fit, spiritually fit, mentally fit, sexually fit, and physically fit.

2 years experience managing and creating a technology presence for high end clients and celebrities. (digital assets, smartphone applications development, and websites.)

Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’ll Learn When You Attend
Angel Money Marketing LIVE”...

  • How to speak “The Language Of Money”... Again and again I’ve seen entrepreneurs and inventors fall on their face because they don’t understand the power of the words that come out of their mouth. We will reveal to you exactly how to be a "Money Magnet not a Money Repellent".
  • The Money Magnet Mindset... And the one major shift you need to make in your head to even stand a chance of getting a high-net-worth investor to sit up, take notice and put money in your pocket where it belongs.
  • How to Generate a Customer List That Will Buy From YOU Over & Over On Auto Pilot – We will share with you the exact tools used by insiders who make fortunes online that “automate” their marketing that will keep your customers coming back for more of your product or service!
  • The Magic Bullet to Success Online - There is one thing that YOU must do to have any success online, most people have never heard of this one tactic, but it is a MUST to know if you plan on using the Internet for business! This is the fasted way to BIG Money!
  • How to raise a million dollars or more of Angel money without giving up control of your dream or your company. (This is the number one fear most entrepreneurs have when they consult with me. My team and I will show you exactly how to structure your funding so you always keep control of your company . . . and so the bulk of the profits get funneled right to your pocket where they belong.)
  • Increase your website traffic opt-in subscribers by 500% - Learn a simple technique that can grow your list by 500% and can be implemented within seconds.
  • How to build your business team... Why having the right people on your side is the key to getting real money to fund your business and how to attract stars to your company if you have little or no money to pay.
  • Corporate structure and asset protection... How to structure your company for security and growth and how to keep your personal assets safe no matter what happens with your company. (Think just forming an LLC or a corporation will do the job? You’ll want to take notes on every moment of this presentation.)
  • The real meaning of “Creative-Financing”... And how to get the most you can out of the money you’ve got.
  • How to get immediate access to Angel investors without forking over your cash for “pay to present” opportunities and without wasting your time or your effort on people who aren’t ready to invest.
  • How to get your ideal customer to come to the conclusion "They'd be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else, regardless of price".
  • How to meet & greet over 100 CELEBRITIES and pitch them on endorsing your deal.


Embassy Suites LAX North

9801 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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