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How To Market To Investors Online ~ How To Market YOUR Crowdfunding Campaign

We have cracked the code to helping companies raising capital via “equity crowdfunding” using our direct response marketing strategies.  Companies are always asking “how do we market to investors online”?  Or “how do we market our crowdfunding campaign online”?  We can get the job done!

Watch this short testimonial from Steve Sadler (CEO of Allegiancy) and if you need help marketing your crowdfunding campaign, or any marketing needs please fill out the form below.

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Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Founder Of Nexgen Crowdfunding Shares His Wisdom For Investors & Entrepreneurs

CEO of Angel Investors Network interviews Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Founder Of Nexgen Crowdfunding, Aubrey Chernick,  about how he made his money, what his vision is for NexgenCrowdfunding, how important crowdfunding is to our economy and how investors can participate in this new form of capital formation.

New SEC Ruling Brings Equity Crowdfunding Even Closer – Title 3 Of Jobs Act Equity Crowdfunding

Angel Investors Network &

CEO of Angel Investors Network will be interview Kendall Almerico, the nations foremost legal expert on equity Crowdfunding.

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The SEC has finally released rules for Title III of the JOBS Act, the equity crowdfunding law. Nearly three years and seven months after the potentially game-changing bill was first signed into law, equity crowdfunding will be available to startups and small companies in 180 days.

Yes, we get to wait another half a year before anyone can actually use equity crowdfunding, but at least now we know it will happen.

Uncharted Play Makes Football That Creates Energy!

I was enjoying Facebook when I came across this incredible invention! A football, or as we call them here in the United States, a soccer ball, that creates and stores energy!

It all started with crowdfunding back in Feb. 2013, see Kickstarter for the history, man I love crowdfunding!

They also have a jump rope.  A simple concept that will have a global impact.  Kuddos to the founders Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman.  I hope they become massively wealthy because of there tenacity, vision and never give up attitude.

Please take 5 and check out their website @ 

Top Business Angel Trend: Crowd Recruiting

In the U.K., angel investors are leveraging crowdfunding for the first time. This ultra-exclusive group of private investors is using crowdfunding to two ends: to pool its money with smaller investors, and to recruit and train new members.

The first has been made possible through partnerships like the one between Syndicated Room(SR) and the Cambridge Capital Group (CCG). The two come together on a crowdfunding system called “Syndicate Funding,” where the crowd of small investors and angel investors can co-invest on the same deals.

Membership in Syndicated Room is free. Its members can invest as little as £500 directly into real business angel investments.

The Cambridge Capital Group is an exclusive and leading business-angel group of 40 investors and private-venture funds. It has been investing in high-tech businesses and backing technology startups since 2001. Membership in CCG is an application process, and is normally initiated through introductions by existing members. Members have invested millions of pounds into its current portfolio of more than 30 companies.

While SR members will not be able to influence a startup company’s direction and strategy, they will get exactly the same economic deal, as well as make the same profit pound for pound, as the experienced and larger business angels of CCG. Small investors looking for financial returns through equity crowdfunding have access to the same deals led by the business-angel professionals who do it for a living.

Angel investors are now taking the lead in embracing crowdfunding. Knowing that these smart angel investors only invest their own money into businesses they believe will give them a great return, it’s only smart for the crowd to follow where the angels lead. Angel investors alongside crowd investors; it’s now the trend in the U.K. as well as in other parts of Europe, such as Belgium and Italy.

It’s just what I want to see, the European Business Angel Network (EBAN) embracing and starting to take a proactive role in this new ecosystem, where deal flows are coming in quicker and proof of concept brings in regular people investing alongside the angels.

Platforms like Syndicate Funding also allow the angel networks to find and train new angels. Crowd investors will eventually become angel investors themselves and join the angel networks.

When angels get involved with crowdfunding platforms, they take a proactive step toward growing the angel network globally.

Where will you find your next angel from the crowd?

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