Month: September 2008

Billioanaire :Bill Bartmann” Wants To Help Entrepreneurs!

It’s pretty rare to get an Olympic Gold Medal, wouldn’t you say?  Only 1,210 Americans have received one.  It’s unusual to climb Mt. Everest, too:  Just 2,300 people have done that.  But there’s an even rarer category:  The number of billionaires.  No more than 1,125 people in the world can claim that distinction. 

My friend, Bill Bartmann, did just that.  Now keep in mind that this group of 1,125 people includes people who had major help along the way:  Many were born with it, inherited it, or had every advantage while growing up. 

In the history of billionaires, Bill Bartmann stands alone.  He’s the ONLY former homeless person and gang member ever to have made a billion dollars.  That’s right, Bill went from eating out of dumpsters and living under a bridge viaduct, to having after-tax, take-home pay in a single year of more than $100 million and being listed as the 25th richest person in America. 

Here’s where it gets extremely interesting:  Bill is willing to coach YOU on how to succeed in business. 

After all, what can you learn from someone whose daddy died and left him a billion?  But it’s totally different with Bill Bartmann:  He worked in a slaughterhouse.  He was an alcoholic at age 17.  And at one point Bill was paralyzed from the waist down.  Yet Bill discovered a DIFFERENT way of thinking and acting that enabled him to overcome all of that, and become a self-made billionaire. 

After scaling the highest peaks in the business world and getting his fill of toys like $25 million aircraft, what’s Bill up to now?  He has one current passion:  Showing others his special techniques for overcoming any challenge and being as successful as they want to be.

Do you think Bill might know a few things YOU could use to overcome your own challenges?  What if you could get his thoughts on dozens of business topics?

Now you can.  Bill is launching a one-of-a-kind online service, called his “Billionaire Business System“.  This is not some one-size-fits-all deal.  Instead, Bill has built a mentoring tool that provides you with laser-targeted advice on many individual topics. 

Are you already running a business but not sure what’s the best way to secure financing for your next stage of growth?  Bill covers that topic.  Not even sure if business is right for you?  Bill has a video session just about that.

In fact, the Billionaire Business System currently has almost two dozen topics, and is constantly growing. 

I strongly recommend that you take a look at Bill’s system and see for yourself how it can remove whatever roadblocks are in your way to greater business success.  You can find it by going to:
Name me anywhere else on the planet that you can get specific, useful, and comprehensive business-building advice from a self-made billionaire?  That’s OK, I can’t think of any, either.

The sooner you have Bill Bartmann in your corner, advising you on business success, the sooner you can sit back and bask in your own dreams coming true.

To Your Success,

Greg Writer

P.S.  The chances are really good that whatever challenges you have, Bill’s been there, and found a way to overcome them.  Let Bill show you how, by taking the easy step of going to

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