Month: December 2014

Angel & VC Money Exploding In This Space!
December 30, 2014

By now you have probably heard about bitcoin. The decentralized currency and payment network that advocates think will change the...

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Looking For Investors? Be Picky — Even Though It’s Counterintuitive
December 29, 2014

There’s an age-old interview question that’s practically standard for most sales jobs.  It goes a little something like this: “If...

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7 Must Crowdfunding Tips
December 23, 2014

Here is my 7 tips you must have down pact if you plan on using Crowdfunding as your method of...

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5 Green Lights To Look For When Investing
December 22, 2014

Who do you invest in? And how do you decide? This is the question at the heart of being an...

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Creating Breakthrough Growth For Business
December 19, 2014

At CXO Collective, we like how business mogul and investor, Warren Buffet, put it, “Why not invest your assets in...

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