Month: November 2015

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Founder Of Nexgen Crowdfunding Shares His Wisdom For Investors & Entrepreneurs

CEO of Angel Investors Network interviews Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Founder Of Nexgen Crowdfunding, Aubrey Chernick,  about how he made his money, what his vision is for NexgenCrowdfunding, how important crowdfunding is to our economy and how investors can participate in this new form of capital formation.

Nice To Meet YOU @ The New Orleans Investment Conference 2015

It was our pleasure to meet you at the New Orleans Investment Conference 2015.  If you have a  few moments please check out Angel Investors Network.  Also I am giving away my NEW book on Equity Crowdfunding.

New SEC Ruling Brings Equity Crowdfunding Even Closer – Title 3 Of Jobs Act Equity Crowdfunding

Angel Investors Network &

CEO of Angel Investors Network will be interview Kendall Almerico, the nations foremost legal expert on equity Crowdfunding.

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The SEC has finally released rules for Title III of the JOBS Act, the equity crowdfunding law. Nearly three years and seven months after the potentially game-changing bill was first signed into law, equity crowdfunding will be available to startups and small companies in 180 days.

Yes, we get to wait another half a year before anyone can actually use equity crowdfunding, but at least now we know it will happen.

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