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Meet the new Co-CEO of AIN

June 9, 2020

We are pleased to welcome Audra Hajj to Angel Investors Network as our new Co-CEO! We are excited to have Audra Hajj join Angel Investors Network as Co-CEO! Over the past two decades, Ms. Hajj has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build their dream businesses since 2006 and her experience has allowed her to pioneer a new investment approach through proprietary blockchain technology. Her vision and practical approach to business will be an asset for Angel Investors Network. She will be working with Co-CEO Jeff Barnes, who is an expert at creating massive growth for businesses in record time through his proven business growth strategies. Two-time international bestselling author, he is a thought leader on business growth and wealth generation through smart investments. 

Together the Co-CEOs Audra and Jeff will utilize their complementary strengths and years of experience in their respective fields to lead the investment technology revolution. Together they make the perfect team to lead AIN through these changing times as the company continues to evolve and grow. 


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