WARNING: This program is limited to only FIVE businesses at any given time!
ATTN: For Serious Six & Seven Figure business owners ONLY!
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Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on the Hit TV Show Shark Tank
Inventor of the Infomercial
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From The Desk Of Kevin Harrington
Clearwater, FL
I Want to PERSONALLY invite you to our private consulting program and the ability to work right alongside me and my team at Angel Investors Network!

I’m looking for top notch, highly motivated, A-player entrepreneurs and business owners looking to double, triple, even 100x their business in the coming years!

If your business isn't already doing at least $500k in revenue… then this isn’t for you, and I apologize for wasting your time.

But, if you are, you’re in the top 5% of all businesses in the nation, and I have 80 people you need to meet that have agreed to double, triple, or even 100x your personal investment portfolio. 

I want to personally invite you to my Angel Investors Private Business Accelerator! 

The Best Part? It is 100% FREE. No Gimmick. No Joke!

What is the Private Business Accelerator Program?
Angel Investors Network, led by CEO Jeff Barnes, has been around since 1997 helping entrepreneurs like you develop the skills, strategies, and tactics needed to develop world-class businesses! Over the past two decades we have helped over 100 companies achieve 8- and 9-figure growth, several going public or being acquired by larger companies.

During the program you will receive at minimum three full months of one-on-one coaching and consulting from our CEO, Jeff Barnes on how to scale your business.

You will receive a complete 360-degree analysis of your business, complete with graphs, charts, and to-do items to help you identify and fix the gaps in your business. 

From there our team will go over how to actually close those gaps, increase sales and conversions, grow your profit margins, and dramatically raise your business' value!
Our team is responsible for over $10 Billion in sales & Licensing Deals!
Struggling to Develop Great Marketing and Sales?
With our time-tested and proven strategies around marketing, sales, and sales optimization, we will be able to pinpoint your challenges and guide you through the confusing waters of marketing and advertising! 

Our team has managed and run ad campaigns surpassing $50,000 per day for our own businesses, so we can help you maximize and optimize your ad budgets as well!
Want to Optimize Your Business Growth?
When you attempt to take your business into the 8- and 9-figure region and beyond, you're required to optimize every aspect of your business to remain competitive...

The problem is that until you have someone poke holes in your business systems and processes, it's hard to know what to optimize! 

Should you hire more customer support personnel, or upgrade your ticketing system?

Do you need to implement a better online marketing strategy, or do you just need to optimize your website conversions? 

With our proprietary Business Accelerator Evaluation program, you will know exactly what works, what doesn't, and where to focus!
But we don't want just any Entrepreneur!
The fact is that most companies could utilize services like ours, but most of them aren't a fit for our program. 

We Only Want...
  • High Growth Teams: Companies looking to achieve double digit growth year over year!
  •  Entrepreneurial Leaders: Entrepreneurs who aren't afraid of change and a "let's get sh*t done" type of attitude! 
  • Tangible Products and Solutions: We don't accept "Unicorns" and "Moon Shots". If you have a real business, with real customers, and real revenue, let's talk!
Want to Work directly with our cEO?
After helping startups, small businesses, and corporations achieve over $30 Million in additional sales and revenue in the past five years, our CEO, Jeff Barnes, is ready to help you build your business and take it to the next level.
How it works
  •  Apply: Complete our FREE 15-Minute Business Growth Accelerator Assessment and Discover the "Hidden Gaps" in Your Business!
  • Review: We will review your assessment and determine if you are a fit for our program.
  •  Qualify: One of our advisors will get on the phone with you and discuss the program if you qualify and go over your assessment with you. 
  • Dive Deep: If you qualify we will conduct a deep-dive assessment of your business and identify the gaps in your business.
  •  Strategize: With your coach as a guide, we will work with you to determine the best strategy to scale your business to the next level and achieve the level of success you desire.
  •  Execute: For the next several months, you will work one-on-one with your coach and consultant to execute the strategy we have outlined, and see your progress along the way!
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"We Raised $800,000 Using Angel Investors Network and Greg Writer's Advice!"

Darrell Kucan raised $800,000 for one deal using the strategies and training our team provided!

Imagine taking these same strategies and training and applying it to your business! 

Could you use an extra $800,000 for your business?!?
Darrell Kucan
"They're the only ones who did what they said they would do!"

When David Hops was looking to get funding for his Italian auto company, he turned to our team for the advice and assistance in raising money, and this is what he had to say!

David Hops
"I've Raised $3.6 Million Using These Strategies!"
When Dr. Ramesh Babu needed to find money for his new medical device company, he sought out Angel Investors Network and worked with our partners to learn how to raise capital.

The results speak for themselves. Dr. Ramesh has raised $4 Million and counting for his company, and is now going to transform lives around the world!
Dr. Ramesh Babu
Integen LLC
"We are in 4800 CVS Stores!"

Hear what our Pitch Tank 2018 Winner, Jennifer Holland, had to say about her experience with Angel Investors Network and Pitch Tank on her journey to raising millions of dollars to expand her company internationally!
Jennifer Holland
Pitch Tank 2018 Winner
"You Absolutely Have to Work with These Guys!"
Becca Hennesy and her team have raised millions of dollars for their business, and had an opportunity to get on stage at one of our events.

But here's the thing...until our event, Becca had NEVER PITCHED HER BUSINESS OR IDEA EVER BEFORE!

With our coaching and guidance, she walked away a second place winner in our contest and has gone on to raise even more money for her business!

This is what she has to say about working with Angel Investors Network.
Becca Hennesy
"We get to present to a room full of investors!"

Nate Thuli of Furst Mug had an opportunity to partner with our company and Kevin Harrington on the launch of his smart mug. 

He also had a chance to pitch in front of a room of investors by working with Angel Investors Network, and here is what he has to say about the company and opportunity. 
Nate Thuli 
Furst Mug
"We're a Real Estate Private Equity Firm, and This is Where We Came to Raise Money!"
Leo Heffner of South Bend 7 and Bluefin Management already has a successful track record in business, but he needed to expand his business and investment base, and decided that coming to our event in Las Vegas was what he needed to expand his empire!

Hear what he has to say about working with our team!
Leo Heffner
South Bend 7 
Bluefin Management 
what if this were the year you FINALLY BROKE THROUGH THAT CEILING?!?!
Our Team has the power, reach, and influence to find the best deals and serve them up to you on a silver platter!

Join us at pitch tank and meet our celebrity partners and judges!
Meet Kevin Harrington,
Angel Investors Network Partner
  • Inventor of the Infomercial
  • Responsible for success like Billy Mays, the George Foreman Grill, Tony Little, and Dozens More!
  • Invested in over 500 private companies
  • Helped generate over $5 Billion in Sales!
  • Appeared on the first two seasons of Shark Tank 
Meet Bernt Ullmann,
Angel Investors Network Partner
  • The $6 Billion Man
  • Former president of Phat Fashions and Fubu
  •  Celebrity deal making master working with icons such as  Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj, and many more!
  • Has generated over $6 Billion in Sales and Licensing Deals!
  • Appearances with Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and Shark Tank judge Daymond John
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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