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Date:    May 30, 2014
From:  Greg Writer (a 25-year investment banker, investor, and entrepreneur)
Re:        Investment Education and Deal Flow For High Net Worth Investors

Greg Writer, CEO and Founder of Angel Investors Network

Dear High Net Worth Investor,

What if you could have owned part of Google when they started in a 2-bedroom apartment in San Francisco?

How about owning a piece of YouTube BEFORE Google bought them out for $1.65 billion?  What about Microsoft in the early 80s – before their IPO?

Google Microsoft YouTube

These companies, like most, started with seed capital.  In some cases, funding came from “angel” investors.

"We’ll Teach You How To Add These Types Of Opportunities To Your Portfolio, And
Become A Sophisticated Angel Investor

Get a FREE issue of AIN Newsletter >> is the "original" educational web site teaching investors the ins and outs to high risk, high return investments. I originally launched this site back in 1997 while hosting a radio show titled “The Insider Secrets to Angel Investing Revealed”.

Spending the past 30 years as investment banker, a angel investor, and entrepreneur I’ve seen firsthand what investors need to evaluate potential deals. In addition because of our website we see thousands of deals which allows us to cherry pick the very best investment opportunities.

As we move into 2013 we decided we wanted to step things up for Angel Network and sharing these investment opportunities with more investors. So we have recently created the Angel Investment Network!

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Angel Investors Network (AIN) was created by a group of successful entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing and management experts, lawyers, and accountants who have built companies in a diverse set of industries.

AIN offers investors an opportunity to participate in the buying and selling of businesses, making equity investments, and providing debt financing to businesses with the opportunity of less risk and faster returns than typical Angel Investments because of our unique approach.

AIN also works with investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial gurus who combine their skill and experience to work with our target investments and make them highly successful businesses. We are more than just Angel Investors. We are Business Marketing Consultants.  We invest our time, expertise, and money in exchange for equity with the objective to explode growth and sell the companies for far more than the current worth.

Almost every public company traded today (approximately 95%) sold stock to investors prior to going public (“Pre-IPO”). And there are different levels of investment that may have been made in these companies . . .

Seed capital, “early stage”, “emerging growth”, “mezzanine”, and venture capital are terms you may have heard of before.

Would you like to learn about ...

Pre-IPO investments
Bridge Loans
Preferred Stock
Convertible Debentures
And Much More...

When YOU join AIN you’ll learn about the terms, structures, valuation methods and all the insider secrets that will help you manage your "Angel Investments" and keep you from a financial disaster.

"To Succeed As An Angel Investor
You NEED The Right Tools! & A Network Of Other Investors and Experts"

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You’ll receive an extensive education on the 2 most crucial knowledge areas for angel investing:

  • How to do "due diligence" on an emerging growth company to prevent you from losing your shirt
  • How to understand valuations, valuations methods and how to apply them to your investment opportunities.

Understanding "exit strategies" and evaluating potential returns based on this simple concept of liquidity.

Angel Network has dozens of Audio Interviews with professional Angel Investors and Investment Bankers that share their secrets to success with our members. (Prefer to read the materials?  Transcripts of all of our audio interviews are also included.)

Another fantastic benefit to membership in is "high quality" deal flow. We help entrepreneurs get educated on all aspects of corporate structure, valuations, capitalization structures, and more.  As we screen these deals and find the cream of the crop, we allow you to have access to these companies at NO additional fee.

Most angel groups charge about $2,500.00 per year to have access to deal flow and that's with NO educational material at all.

But with the Internet as our delivery system, we can include all of our educational materials and pass the savings on to members.

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"Take Advantage Of Angel Network Right Now
– At No Risk To You With Our ... "

Angel Investors Network 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Don’t miss out on the next Google, Microsoft, or YouTube.  Learn how to become a sophisticated Angel Investor – directly from the top investment bankers and other successful investors.  Get started today.


Greg Writer, CEO and Founder of Angel Investors Network

Gregory D. Writer

P.S. We’ll give you the tools to make the best investment decisions possible for emerging growth and seed capital investments.  Plus, we’ll also expose you to very high quality deal flow.

P.P.S. With our no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee, you can try Angel Investors Network at no risk.  Join today, and see how valuable the information – directly from investment bankers and successful investors – can be for your investment portfolio.