Investors come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few things they all share in common. Every investor shoots for the 10X return and dreams of the 100X or 1,000X return, but the reality is that the average ROI over 3.5 years is 2.6X, and many of their investments lose money with zero ROI. That is not a secret, but a reality. Until now.

Angel Investors Network we are revolutionizing the 70-year-old investment landscape through technology and proven business-building methodologies that ensure maximum returns on every single investment opportunity!

Here is a video from the CEOs Audra Hajj and Jeff Barnes, about what AIN is doing to change the investment landscape and what we can do for you or your firm

You heard that right. Every single investment. We have been assisting investors for the past two decades and in that time we have become closely acquainted with the top challenges faced by investors. Our advanced due diligence system addresses these top concerns while limiting the risk, maximizing investment returns, and bringing quality deal flow.

AIN helps with due diligence

Through our 5 Star, 60 point business rating program we minimize investment risk through our proven abilities to build better companies from the inside out. This offers elevated due diligence, transparency, automation, and systemization, all while saving our investors’ time. Angel investors get the same resources and tools that VCs use but at a fraction of the cost. 

Here is a video of one way we help you as an Investor.

This is a huge benefit for experienced investors, but what about someone that is new to investing or wants to become an accredited investor? Angel Investors Network has a program to educate you and train you and assist you in becoming an accredited investor. Our step by step learning management system (LMS) has very detailed information that gives you the real-world information that you need to know to make informed investment and stay off the radar of government agencies.

Inside the community, we have an “Investor Only” section where you will find mentors to give you assistance and advice along the way.

Clearly, Angel Investors Network is the place for existing and aspiring investors to be! Click below to join the community!

As part of the Investor community, you and your firm can also take advantage of the 5 Star Quality Rating System. To learn more about that, go to: