Mastermind Investment Council

Who else wants to invest in some of the best deals in America?

Join Kevin Harrington (original investor on Shark Tank TV Show & inventor of the infomercial) and hundreds of other high net worth investors in “The Mastermind Investment Club” & gain access to the best deal flow in the country.

  • Invest alongside Kevin & other “Professional” Investors
  • Mastermind with other high net worth members
  • Meet & network at various events (2-4 events every year)
  • Priority call on all investment opportunities

The Mastermind Investment Club

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A Letter from Kevin Harrington

From The Desk Of:  Kevin Harrington
RE: Mastermind Investment Club

Dear Investor,

Hello this is Kevin Harrington and you probably know me from the hit TV show “Shark Tank” and the inventor of the infomercial.

Have you ever watched Shark Tank, The Profit or West Texas Investment Club and
thought to yourself “Wow – I’d like to invest in that!”

If so, then you want to read every word of this... 

Listen, I’ve been pitched over 50,000 potential deals, and I’ve actually invested in about 500 of them… which produced over $4 billion in sales!

That’s just a ton of deals! And I’m getting more and more pitches all the time.

And that’s where you come in…

I recently acquired majority control of Angel Investors Network (originally formed in 1997) and we are launching the “Mastermind Investment Club” so we can share our incredible deal flow with other investor members.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with…

… Then I’d like you to join me and my partner Greg Writer, Bernt Ullmann and Michael Fugler in our exclusive investment club!

This is our private "network of investors" where you can invest in the same deals we are investing in.  This is your chance to invest right alongside myself and our other high net worth members on a deal by deal basis!

If you are able to invest $10k-$50k per deal, with 3-5 deals a year, and believe this is a good fit for you please contacts us to apply.  We are looking for investors who can also bring value to our club and investment targets.

Here’s to more capital gains!

Kevin Harrington

P.S. If you have the interest in sitting in the same room with me and my partners talking about the next deal we are going to invest in please call 760-233-2860 to get details and application form or check out

P.P.S This club is limited and I can’t promise how long we will be allowing new members to join, so act now if this is something you that excites you!

"The Mastermind Investment Club"

Invest Alongside America’s Top “Sharks” and Creative Critical Thinkers

When you invest with the Angel Investors Network, Mastermind Investment Club, you’ll be putting your money behind some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds on the planet!

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D-V-R-S Investing Method

In the Angel Investors Network’s Mastermind Investment Club, we utilize what we call the D-V-R-S method of Investing:


D – Deal Flow

The number of investment opportunities available at a given time to a particular company or investor or within a particular region or market sector. AIN and MIC Deal Flow is something our members will benefit from attributable to our reach, visibility, and connections.


V – Vetting

Make a careful and critical examination of (something). All of our Deals are vetted to-the-best-of-our-ability, before being presented to our membership for their consideration.


R – Rolodex

An index used to record names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in the form of a rotating spindle to which removable cards are attached. (Wait, what, cards!?) AIN and MIC members agree to utilize our combined vast Rolodex of contacts and talent to help connect the dots between the Deals we present and our membership.


S – Structure

Construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to. AIN and MIC members will appreciate the structure provided in every Deal we present to our membership.


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