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"A Big Difference In The Success Of Your Business"
You can't have too much knowledge. To get your company off the ground you need capital and Angel Money used the right way is a great way to do that. Becoming skilled at raising capital will make all the difference in the success of your business.

Gale Connell
CEO of CEO Space Colorado

"Instrumental In Helping Me Raise The Money I Needed"

I've known Greg Writer for nearly 10 years. Greg and his team were instrumental in helping me raise the money I needed for MasteryTV and helped us become the premier site for personal development video. I highly recommend Greg, and their team at Angel Money Boot Camp.

Tom Wood
CEO of

"Greg Writer Is The Real Deal"

AngelNetwork is one of my favorite sites to recommend to my members. Greg Writer is the real deal, he not only teaches... he does. I've never met someone who is as dedicated to his customers and so driven to help each individual reach the pinnacle of their success. A class act all the way around.

Joyce Bone
CEO of

"If You Have A Chance To Partake Of Greg's Wisdom, Take It"
I'm so impressed with Greg's knowledge, track record, expertise, attitude, and sheer generosity. But here's an interesting twist I didn't expect when we first spoke. His name seemed weirdly familiar. Thirty years ago, I was a trade magazine reporter for the housing industry, and I used to write about the greats of housing. I asked Greg and the answer was "Yep!" 🙂 His father, Dirck Writer, is the famous Denver homebuilder I was writing about 30 years ago. As I told him, thirty years was simply too long to be out of touch with his family! He's a great guy and if you have a chance to partake of Greg's wisdom, take it.

David Garfinkel
Entrepreneurial Business Coach And World's Greatest Teacher Of Copywriting