Podcast EPISODE #10


February 28, 2020
The Unique Business Model for the Sunny Days In-Home Care Franchise

On today’s episode, Cliff speaks with John Bennett, Executive Director of the Sunny Days In-Home Care franchise.

John talks about his unique business model for franchising in-home care for the elderly, and how to create consistency while maintaining a high level of care. John Bennett is a former high school stats and geometry teacher, athletic director and varsity football coach. That experience has led to John becoming a maverick in support development and operations, providing team member’s the tools needed to provide quality care. John’s mathematics background also allows him to implement financial analyses that optimize policies and practices at all Sunny Days In-Home Care locations. Not only is Bennett the Executive Director for Sunny Days, he is also founder David Ellenwood’s son-in-law. By combining a personal and professional business relationship, Ellenwood and Bennett do not only encourage supporting a family atmosphere at every Sunny Days locations, they live it. https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbennett88/ http://sunnydaysinhomecare.com/

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