Podcast EPISODE #12


February 28, 2020
Creating a Valuable Service, Sustainable Growth, and Delivering on Promises to Investors

On today’s show, Cliff speaks with Zvi Band, CEO and Founder Contactually, a business software developer.

Zvi talks about how he quickly, and sustainable grew his company, as well as developed a very user-friendly software that automatically aggregates and pulls in all of your relationships into one place, from email, social media, phone, calendar, et cetera. Helping you identify and group relevant contacts to your business and career. Zvi Band started Contactually in 2011. It is one of the fastest growing companies on the INC 5000 list, listed at 513; you’ve raised $17.8 million in investors’ funds. Zvi is active in the Washington, DC Tech Community and created “Proudly Made in DC” to continue the support, of the greater DC community. Contactually is a software and service company that has grown rapidly with it’s amazing growing and dynamic team. Zvi, says his team loves strong coffee, the latest technology, strange internet memes, and accomplishing great things through better, stronger relationships. Contactually is a leader in business software, Zvi and his team early on recognized software is something, people are forced to use, not enjoy using. This is challenge. Zvi knew that needed to change. So, his team doesn’t design its software products to fit into an existing mold, they design it to help people with their work. Zvi, created a collaborative office space environment to ensure his team would thrive in, and do great work. The end result is the Contactually is rapidly growing learning organization that’s constantly seeking to be better for their customers, their product, their team, and our investors. Contactually is rated very well, and is an amazing software to simplify and automate personal communications with an extensive and loyal network of Real Estate Agent using the software. With one click, users, connect their email accounts and Contactually with its automatic sync of contacts and communication history, makes it really easily to stay in touch with contacts and build a robust referal network. For more on Contactually visit: try.contactually.com For more on Zvi Band visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zviband/

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