Sponsorship Opportunities

Get Your Business in Front of More Investors…FAST!

Each month my team and I put articles, blogs, emails, podcasts, and other information in front of thousands of different investors.

My goal is to continue building an endless stream of qualified investors looking for high quality investments (like yours).

But my guess is you’re like most entrepreneurs and think that all we do is host live events to run Pitch Tank, right?

Well I want to make sure that you know all the different ways we can help you find investors for your business. This is important because to succeed in raising capital you need an endless supply of new investors. The best part? We don’t try to take any equity for your sponsorship!

So, here’s a basic breakdown of how we can help you get in front of even more investors:

Investor Newsletter Tombstone Ads- $500 per Issue or $5,000 per year
Every issue we will place only two tombstone ads in our investor newsletter to get you exposure. These newsletters are sent out to over 400 investors every month (and counting) and are a good way to expose your business to potential investors.

Newsletter Spotlight – $2,000 per Issue
Each issue contains one spotlight company with a full page write-up about your business and how to contact you. These are generally used to solicit investors to sign up for a webinar, review a pitch deck, or just contact you directly. But they can also help you generate awareness of your business and products.

Sponsored Webinar – $5,000 per Webinar
With over 3,000 accredited investors in our database, and growing, webinars are a great way to get exposure to your opportunity or business without any issues of travel. We host the webinars, provide replay links, and then give you the full video for you to send to your investors as well.

Private Dinners at our Events – $5,000 +
At every event we allow one company to host a private dinner with attendees to help them earn the trust and build rapport of investors. This cost is in addition to the cost of the meal itself, which you must also pay for.

Pitch Tank Events – $6,000 – $15,000+
Pitch Tank is an opportunity for you to present your company to a room full of investors, host a booth or table throughout the day, and meet investors face to face. You will receive feedback from experienced business owners, investors, and celebrities, in addition to receiving maximum exposure on our stages (and even online).

Customized Marketing Strategies – $20,000 on up
For companies that are already seeded and funded, but looking to raise several million dollars, we will design complete marketing strategies for you to build out your capital raise. Most founders should focus on what they know best – building a business. Let us focus on finding you investors while you focus on making them happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for sponsoring?

Angel Investors Network is in the business of helping investors get a great return by presenting them with investable opportunities that we think will work out. This means that our team spends a vast amount of time combing through deals, setting up events, researching and writing articles, blog posts, emails, etc. to educate and train investors. All of this takes time and money. Sponsorships help us bring in even more investors for your potential deal, as well as help pay for all the services we provide you and the investors.

Do you have any guarantees?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee results…because the result is you getting an investment. There are no guarantees allowed for investments like that.

However, what we do guarantee is a certain number of eyeballs on your opportunity. These vary by level of sponsorship, but we can ensure your opportunity will be seen by a minimum number of investors.