What is Included

What is Included

We have packed this workshop with invaluable processes, teaching, resources, activities, and a road map to business success. The value of this workshop is in the tens of thousands of dollars, but after building over 10,000 businesses we have found a way to get you all the things listed here for pennies on the dollar.

We have a corporate training program called Velocity Conversion, where we go into corporate America and realign sales and marketing, which are always at odds with one another! This workshop lets them and you have this program for less due to this format.

There is no other program that we know of that delivers the actual tools to help you take your marketing into real conversions


Yes, designed for you deliverables! You will receive not only the knowledge and understanding of conversions, but you will also receive actual deliverables that are done for you. These deliverables will be presented to you within two weeks of the workshop. Here is what you receive:

Videos: The videos will be recorded at the event using the teachings and activities you did to produce powerful conversion videos. Included is the coaching, recording on green screen, editing, and ownership.

Videos produced and delivered

Not only are you going to have an amazing time, learn a lot, network with the best, and build a winning strategy, but you will also walk away with these videos!
● Elevator pitch: A 2-3 minute video to summarize your business

● Unique Value Proposition – UVP: A 2-3 minute video that makes you stand out from the competition

● Why video: A 2-3 minute video to let your customers know the why and the driving motivations for your business

● Thank you / Feedback video: A 1-2 minute video for your website designed to thank your customers and set their expectations

● Testimonial video: A 2-3 minute video from a participant that knows and understands your business and is giving your third party endorsement

● Explainer video: With voiceover choice of man or woman. A 3-4 minute animated video for any part of your business that you think needs extra explanation.

● Sizzle reel from the event: You will be the star of the event with lots of different scenarios of you in your element and positioned as the authority

● Video of receiving your award: A video of you accepting an award from your peers for your business is a great third party recognition

Conversion Tools

We will professionally create both content and visual graphics for the following tools to help convert potential prospects into clients, for both on and offline conversions.

● Infographic: A powerful storytelling visual that will walk your potential clients through a roadmap of the outcomes they can expect (or any other key element that needs more in-depth explanation)

● Explainer Video, scripting, tonality, storyboard, graphics, and licensing rights: This is a cool animated video that will be 3-5 minutes long

● 20 custom-designed social posts on new discovery points of conversion/engagement: Have a variety of Social Media posts that are all professionally designed and on point, with the revised messaging you are creating to take your business to the next level

  • Press Release Written, Syndicated, and Reporting: One of the best ways to get noticed is in the media. The key to getting in the media is to have a professionally written Press Release