What should i expect?

What should i expect?

You should expect a lot of hard work. There were times where some of the attendees were so frustrated they stormed out of the room, only to end up as one of our most successful stories. Change is hard, but when you can do it in a safe place with people who care, it makes it that much more possible.

Our investors are expecting breakthroughs for the business they are investing this money in. And we have an obligation to them and you to make that happen.

You will take a deep dive into your business. You will start off by recording your current elevator pitch, UVP-Unique Value Proposition, and your Why video. Then we will do a series of activities to help you see your business in a new light. Once this happens we will then dive in to help you remessage your products or services in a way that will create a conversion foundation for your marketing efforts.

Then after we have defined your new breakthrough areas, re-messaged them, we will then create all the deliverables above.

Knowledge and people dedicated to your success is what you need. You need people as passionate as you are about solving problems for their clients. We deliver this knowledge by doing activities that will open up your mind, heart, and business. These are interactive, dig-in-deep activities to produce an immediate impact on your business.

Here’s how we deliver knowledge:

  • Format 30/70 – 70% activities
  • Creative canvases
  • Strength partnering
  • Focus group settings
  • Pitch panels
  • Round table interactions
  • One on one
  • Focus on strengths vs. weaknesses
  • Practice, rinse and repeat
  • See, listen, produce, delete, do again
  • Facilitator vs. speaker format