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We Have been helping entrepreneurs & Investors achieve their dreams since 1997!
If you want to be the best, you must be around the best!
Angel Investors Network is creating true entrepreneurial freedom for thousands of entrepreneurs. We pair great training, coaching, and consulting with world-class brand builders to make sure you know how to quickly scale your company! From capital raising, to marketing and sales, to strategic growth plans, we can help you build the business you desire.
Our investors learn from the best in the business on how to find, evaluate, and invest in privately held ventures. We do the work of finding great deals so you can get in on the ground floor without stressing all of the details.
World-Class Talent & Rockstar Events!
Your Own Personal Shark Tank!
Come to our Live Events where investors get to participate in "Shark Tank" style opportunities and get in on the ground floor of incredible businesses!
Your Network Equals Your Net Worth!
surround yourself with the best in Business!
Meet Our Partners
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark from ABC's Shark Tank and Founder of the Infomercial!
Bernt Ullmann, Chief Brand Accelerator
"The Six Billion Dollar Man!"
What is the Inner Circle?
  • The world's largest network of private investors
  • Over 100 hours of digital online training and seminar recordings
  • Quarterly live masterminds and Pitch Tank Events
Can Your existing network do all this?
Who Makes Up The AIN Inner Circle?
  • World Famous Copywriters & Direct Marketers
  • 8-Figure Investment Deals
  • 9-Figure Business owners
  • Fortune 500 Leaders
  • Best-selling Authors
  • Access to Hollywood Celebrities
  • Billion-Dollar Deals
  • Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Partners
  • Largest Angel Investors Network Worldwide
  • Thousands of C-Level Executives
what to expect
San Diego Pitch Tank Event
March 2019
  • Now that you’re plugged in, you’ll listen as each privileged member OPENLY SHARES in detail, without holding anything back, exactly what systems and strategies they’re using to crush it in their marketplace
  • You get to ethically “steal” processes and strategies that are currently working from each member and “install” it into your business without making mistakes or losing precious time.
  • You’ll also listen as they share their challenges and obstacles and bare witness as a room full of elite, highly successful executives and entrepreneurs overcome them, typically within a matter of minutes.
  • We can’t “fix em” if you won’t “share em.” If for some odd reason you think you don’t have challenges or struggles, that’s an even bigger reason to attend. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • You must be willing to share…the GOOD and the BAD. This means if you’ve got a strategy or a system you’re using to crush it right now, you’ll openly share it with the members.
Operating From Our Core Values
customers First
Angel Investors Network is focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals by providing them with the best resources and access to investors they need to build their companies.

We believe in Freedom and Free Enterprise first and foremost!

Our Clients and Members come first, and we are committed to quality training, coaching, and advising to ensure the success of our clients.

Our investors are business owners themselves, and they understand the need to have a strong relationship and great team to make any business a success!
Special Messages
Greg Writer, Founder & Chairman
We make entrepreneurial dreams come true with our incredible brand and network!
We started Angel Investors Network in 1997 to help entrepreneurs gain access to the talent, funding, and resources they needed to create successful companies.

Today we are just as committed to perpetuating free enterprise and capitalism, and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams!

With over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs build businesses, we have the tools and resources you need to take your business to the next level, no matter what stage you are in right now. 
"If you are looking to build a multi-million dollar company, you need the best help and resources you can afford, and that is what we do!"
From our CEO, Jeff Barnes
"You are the Center of our efforts!"
Jeff Barnes, CEO
Your Success is Our Focus!
Over the years our team has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create Billions of dollars in value, and you will finally get the chance to learn from all of our past experiences, successes, and failures!

Throughout my career I've helped entrepreneurs and executives find the hidden levers that will make dramatic changes in their businesses. 

Now we are opening our vault of over 20 years of experience and know-how to help you achieve your business growth goals as quickly as you want!
A Winning Team. 
a Winning Formula.
Angel Investors Network is the ONLY PLACE where you can get the tools and training you need AND access to capital because of our network of executives, business owners, and investors!
A World-Class Experience to 
create World-Class Results!
For Entrepreneurs
We are the only source for entrepreneurial training, coaching, and consulting that also provides you with a direct link to investors! Through our online and in-person coaching and events we help you get the capital, resources, and assistance you need!
For Investors
We bring entrepreneurs together to learn how to build profitably scaling companies, give them the tools they need, and only after we are satisfied that they are investment-worthy do we present the companies to our investors for capital! This ensures you aren't spending your precious time conducting due diligence and research...instead, our team does it for you.
Jeff Barnes Coaching Entrepreneurs at the 
Business Acceleration Boot Camp
How it Works
Our membership program has three tiers:
  • Gold Inner Circle for Investors & Entrepreneurs 
Get started for as little as $7 today!
  • Diamond Group Coaching for Business Owners
Get started for as little as $97 today!
  • Platinum Mastermind for High Net Worth Investors & Business Owners
By application only. Receive all the benefits of Diamond and much more!
Our Network Accelerates Business Growth and Wealth Creation
Our membership is vastly different than other entrepreneurial training programs. 

We pride ourselves on helping business owners achieve scale in their industries faster than they can on their own.

The major benefit of our programs is the ability to learn from, network, and potentially partner with the most connected entrepreneurs on the planet, like Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank!
We Create Results Together
  •  Members create businesses together.
  •  Members finance and fund deals for each other.
  • ​Members join as financial partners to super fund self-directed retirement accounts with TAX FREE DOLLARS.
  • ​We maximize profit dollars by systematizing inefficiencies.
  • ​We share coveted resources and relationships.
  • ​We joint venture on products and services.
  • ​We do it all while still having control of our time.
You're Absolutely Guaranteed to Love It!
Join our inner circle, take 90 days to look at everything we have to offer, and if you don't love it, simply request a refund.

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  • All Gold Benefits Plus:
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  • All Diamond Plus:
  • Four Mastermind Retreats per Year
  • Access to Pitch Tank Masterminds
  • Business Acceleration Evaluation &
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  • Business Growth Tools and Technology
  • Access to the C-Suite Network
  • Private Club Access
  • And Much More!