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We are a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and partners to find, vet, and invest in high quality businesses.

Our goal is to create more angel investors who can help more startups and entrepreneurs.


When you join Angel Investors Network as an investor or advisor, you get exclusive access to quality deals that are more likely to generate great returns!

Did You Know…

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Angel investors typically generate a 27% return on their investments, on average?

This only works when you are an active investor and find quality deals regularly.
In many cases, there are deals that will generate 1x, 2x, 10x and even greater returns, but finding them is the key!

The Problem...

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Is that most would-be investors only invest in one or two deals that aren’t good investments, end up losing all of their money, and then never try again.

Angel Investors Network is here to help!

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After over two decades of helping businesses and entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to spot a quality investment and have the confidence to do it quickly! We bring in over 3,000 opportunities every year, of which only a handful pass our qualification standards.

Our Process

One of the biggest challenges to being an angel investor is finding quality deals. We make sure only the best deals are brought to our community.

  • AIN sources potential companies nationwide
  • Companies receive training, coaching, and consulting from AIN’s experts
  • Investable businesses receive further help with assets developed for them
  • Investment terms are reviewed and discussed with AIN’s companies
  • AIN performs due diligence from the “inside out” by working with our clients
  • Companies are put into deal rooms with all necessary documentation
  • Investors are notified and get to watch presentations and review the terms
  • Investors collaborate directly with the companies to strike a deal
  • You and the company benefit from all of us collaborating!
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Better Deals For You

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This results in you, the investor, only having to focus on the best deals we have found, with no worry about weeding through all of the rest. After all, who has time to look at hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses every year to find just a few to invest in?

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