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The Vision & Mission

The Vision: To Build A Powerful Community Dedicated To Perpetuate Free Enterprise & Capitalism

Through the spirit of cooperation and the use of technology we are networking to support the success of entrepreneurs & investors nationwide.


The Mission: To Help Entrepreneurs Succeed & Create Wealth

We Provide Access To: Capital, Coaching, Consulting, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Distribution, Mentoring, Marketing & Management

Meet The Angels of
"The Mastermind Investment Club"

Angel Investor
Greg WriterMore Info

Greg Writer

CEO & Founder

Kevin Harringtonmore info

Kevin Harrington

The Original Shark On Shark Tank & Inventor Of The Informercial

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur and business executive who is widely acknowledged as a pioneer and principal architect of the infomercial industry, and is best known as one of the investor “sharks” on television’s Shark Tank.

In 1984, Mr. Harrington produced one of the first 30-minute infomercials. Since then, he has been involved with over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion worldwide with 20 products that reached individual sales of over $100 million.

Mr. Harrington founded Quantum International, Ltd. in the mid 1980s, which merged into National Media Corporation in 1991. Under his leadership as President, National Media reached $500 million in annual sales, distributing in over 100 countries and 20 languages. This company’s success has been chronicled in a case study at Harvard/MIT for over a decade.

Michael FuglerMore Info

Michael Fugler

Board Of Advisors, Investor, Lawyer, Broker Dealer

Michael Fugler is a global expert and speaker on Entrepreneurship. Delivering education, training, and demonstration workshops on how to go from an idea on a napkin to a stock exchange listing and all the steps in between.

He has developed the Business Mastery System for Entrepreneurs, teaching how to find capital around the world. Whether seminars, webinars, panels, speaking engagements, or public appearances Michael gives an overview of the vision and the knowledge which will give you a clearer understanding of how to develop your “Master Plan” using technology and social media in shaping your client acquisitions and relationships in this new economy and our changing world, ending with how to develop and present your “killer” client presentations that will move clients to action.

Mr. Fugler has been a licensed Attorney for 42 years developing an expertise in international law and finance, international investment and merchant banking. He has also been an Investment Banker for the past 18 of those years being FINRA registered with Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99 licenses and establishing offices and providing extensive consulting and guidance to institutional investors throughout Europe and the USA and now Asia.

• Michael Fugler, “Critical, Creative Thinker,

Bernt UllmannMore Info

Bernt Ullmann

Bernt Ullmann

Coming Soon

Bernt Ullmann is the President and CEO of Star Branding Equity Holdings (SBEH), a critically acclaimed licensing and brand management consumer focused partnership between Tommy and Andy Hilfiger, Joe Lamastra and Mr. Ullmann. Founded in 2009, the group specializes in creating, incubating, developing, marketing and distributing leading global lifestyle brands.

Mr. Ullmann procured a contractual arrangement early 2013 with Mr. Eddie Lampert, Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings Corporation, under which Star Branding became the operator of the group’s Shop Your Way Brands division, with Mr. Ullmann assuming the role of CEO for Shop Your Way, reporting directly to Mr. Lampert. In this capacity, Mr. Ullmann oversaw the highly successful launch of the two celebrity brands Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine, with retail sales projected to surpass $200 million by the end of the third full year of operations.

In 2010, while maintaining his leadership role of Star Branding, Mr. Ullmann became the founding CEO of MESH (Music, Entertainment & Sport Holdings), a partnership with Li & Fung, a Hong Kong based manufacturing company with a market capitalization of over $20 billion. Under Mr. Ullmann’s direction, MESH procured several high profile transactions, the best known being the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony exclusive licensing arrangement with Kohl’s, a deal projected to generate $3.5 billion in retail sales.

Mr. Ullmann was recruited in 2004, as part of Kellwood’s, (a $3.0 billion public fashion conglomerate) acquisition of Russell Simmons’ Phat Fashions. Mr. Ullmann assumed the role of President for the group overseeing Mr. Simmons’ Phat Farm and Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat. Mr. Ullmann directed the transition of the company from being a wholesale manufacturer into becoming a licensing and brand management entity, delivering retail sales of approximately $800 million and strong operating earnings for the shareholders. Mr. Ullmann did also serve as President of New Business Development for Kellwood.

From 1999 to 2004, as President of FUBU International, a brand founded by Daymond John (shark on Shark Tank) and promoted by iconic hip hop artist LL Cool J, Mr. Ullmann drove numerous licensing transactions, helping the company achieve retail sales north of $700 million, while being highly profitable. Mr. Ullmann served as Managing Director for Coogi during this same period.

In his capacity of Corporate Vice-President of Donna Karan International from 1994 to 1998, Mr. Ullmann oversaw a dramatic increase in the group’s international sales including the opening of 80 Donna Karan / DKNY flagship stores under license.

Mr. Ullmann is actively involved in supporting charitable causes through his roles on advisory boards for Fashion Delivers, Shake-A-Leg Miami and Longboarding for Peace. He is also advising and Star Shop mobile app.

Mr. Ullmann has a BA and a MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Benefits For Investors

High Net Worth Investors

If you've ever watched Shark Tank and thought "I would invest in that deal" this is your lucky day!  Not only will we give you that opportunity, but we will make sure you are educated and understand the risks associated with investing in early stage companies.

When you are ready to look at investment opportunities we will make sure you get a chance to invest in the same deals we are investing in!

We have a very high quality deal flow and we are always looking for that next big hit!

With your membership you get our "Angel Investors News" newsletter sent to your mailbox and inbox every month in addition to access to our state of the art membership site that contains a variety of tools and educational content to help you learn, understand and make your investment decisions.

C-Level Executives & Experts

If you are a C-Level executive and you have time on your hands, or maybe retired too early, we are always looking for quality management for our investment portfolio companies.  By becoming a member you will have the opportunity to look at deals from the perspective of investing YOUR HUMAN CAPITAL for equity.

This is a very unique feature we offer entrepreneurs (human capital) which in turn lowers cash needs and helps accelerate the growth and profitability of our investment targets.

Watch video from original Shark On Shark Tank TV show & inventor of the infomercial!

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What Is Angel Investors Network?

angel investorsAngel Investors Network (AIN) was created by a group of successful entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing and management experts, lawyers and accountants who have built companies in a diverse set of industries.

AIN offers investors an opportunity to participate in the buying and selling of businesses, making equity investments, and providing debt financing to businesses with the opportunity of managing risk and creating wealth.

AIN also works with investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial gurus who combine their skills and experience to work with our target entrepreneurs and make them highly successful business owners.

We are more than just Angel Investors. We are a community of experts that invest our time, expertise, and money in exchange for equity with the objective to perpetuate free enterprise, capitalism and support the entrepreneur spirit while creating wealth, happiness and fulfillment for all those involved.

Benefits For Entrepreneurs

Imagine access to the greatest goldmine of material designed to give the entrepreneur the tools and relationships needed to accomplish their goals.

We believe one of the primary success factors for entrepreneurs is specialized knowledge.

It is our goal to offer this specialized knowledge to every entrepreneur covering every skill set that can be imagined by our extensive network of c-level executives, coaches and Investors.

The primary focus of our education for the Entrepreneurs is marketing. Marketing is everything, and most entrepreneurs don’t understand the complexities of marketing let alone the importance proper marketing.

When an Entrepreneur can master marketing they can eliminate cash flow problems, raise all the money they would ever need and become a money magnet, creating success and wealth for everyone involved.

We teach entrepreneurs to understand the language of money, how to acquire it and how to make it work for them.

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