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Your brand is one thing that is truly you and your business. People buy you, then your products or services. Let us help you make it unique, and expressive. Here are some things to know about the importance of branding and website design.

Your website is open 24 hours a day and should speak to your potential clients. They need to instantly feel a connection to your messaging, colors, images, and it must flow naturally. One of the most common mistakes these days on websites, is they are all about the business, honestly in the beginning no one cares about you or your business. They are looking for you because they have a problem or a need and want someone to solve it. Start with the problem you solve, then show them you are the one with the best solution.

The number one thing to remember about creating a brand is to keep it consistent. Your brand needs to be the same on your website, social portals, emails, business cards, banners, and everything people see. So when building your brand, do it with thought and time invested to make a powerful statement. Working with a professional will give you industry insight and the brand you are looking for.

When creating your new brand, the next step is the website design. Designing your website takes more than just graphics. Here are some details we factor in when creating your website using your new brand:

  • > Build for the user’s experience, and remember the search engines, feed them both what they need.
  • > Keep it simple to increase conversions.
  • > Build it with logical layouts.
  • > Make the call to action easy to understand.
  • > We use color theory and contrast psychology in every site we create.
  • > We use directional clues to point to the call to action.
  • > Visual hierarchy is implemented in all our design
  • > Load times are always factored into the design elements

Branding Samples

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