Are You Ready to Build the Business You've Always Wanted?

Why us?

We help you design the life and business you want.

After working with several thousand companies, helping raise over $100 million for various businesses, and facilitating exits for entrepreneurs, we have a track record that speaks for itself.

Our clients love our hands-on approach to helping them build a business they will love, their investors will love, that will give them the freedom they want, and ultimately make a difference in the world!

We're Here to Help Entrepreneurs Create 8 & 9-Figure Businesses

At Angel Investors Network our goal is simple: Help you create an investable, scalable, sellable business that makes an impact in the world.


We do this using our unique and proprietary business evaluation software that helps you create a “Built to Sell” business.


So, whether you are just getting started and want to make sure you start on the right foot, are in the middle of raising capital, or are planning to exit  your busienss within five years, we are here to help.

What you get when you get started with us...

1.  A completely free business evaluation

2.  A one-on-one call with our team to go over your results

3.  An opportunity to work one-on-one with our coaches and consultants

4.  Ongoing training on how to scale your business

5.  Learn how to raise capital effectively

6.  Network with other business owners and investors

7.  Attend our live training and pitch events

8.  Build the business you’ve been dreaming of!

9.  Set yourself free from the day-to-day operations of your business!

10.  And much more!

Submit Your Information to Get Started!

Click the button below, fill out your information, and watch the short training series. 

If you like what you see, you’ll be offered a chance to complete our business valuation and get on the phone with our team members!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our initial assessment is free and you will receive a detailed report on the state of your business. 

After you submit your information, you will go to the next page and complete some very basic training. You will also get the chance to download our free eBook, The Rainmaker’s Dilemma.


After you watch the training, you can complete our FREE business valuation, which takes approximately 15 minutes.


From there, you will get your results and have an opportunity to speak with someone on our team about your results.

Our assessments are for existing businesses. We focus on helping entrepreneurs create 8 and 9 figure businesses. If you are just getting started and don’t have any products, services, revenue or have raised any capital yet, then you are likely too early for us to be of much help.

No. Most companies will never raise capital in the sense of a Seed, Series A, etc. type of rounds. In fact, when we work with business owners, most find out they really don’t need capital at all. They just need to structure things differently in their business.

Our programs vary in pricing, but we are very competitive. None of our programs are completely hands-off, meaning you will have some level of support from our team to achieve your goals. Depending on what level of support you need or want will determine the price.

We normally work with companies that have either generated or raised at least $100,000 in the last 12 months. We have found that our services are too difficult for companies any earlier than that. 


On the upper end, our team has worked with 9 figure businesses and routinely generates 8-figures for our clients in terms of revenue, capital raised, or valuations.

We are primarily a coaching and consulting company to help business owners create investable, scalable, sellable businesses. We work with entrepreneurs and their teams to help them build their businesses properly.


Our focus is helping entrepreneurs turn their business into an asset that people will want to invest in or purchase. In essence, we help you go from early stage to exit.

We are not an investment broker, banker, VC, or fund, and we do not directly invest in companies. We also don’t raise capital for companies. 


However, our programs are designed to get you ready to raise capital in a very short period of time. By working with our team, you could be on track to raising millions of dollars in a few months, or you may find that you never need to raise capital at all. 

Yes! One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face is having teams that don’t fully understand the goals or vision of the company, and don’t really “want” to do the jobs the CEO expects.


We help your team understand how and why they ned to follow your lead and give you the tools to make it happen. We also can have your team on the coaching calls to answer any questions they have as well. 

Yes! If you qualify for our programs and can afford the services, we will help you grow your business. 


At the end of the day, our goal is to help you as the business owner achieve the success you desire. While we normally focus on 8 and 9-figure growth companies, if your business is generating a few million dollars every year or you are looking to sell or retire, our programs position you for success in that endeavor!

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