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Date: May 30, 2014
From: Greg Writer
Re: Getting YOUR Company Funded

Dear Entrepreneur,

Will you make the same painful mistakes that almost 99% of entrepreneurs make when pitching investors?

I've been involved in over $100 million in financing's, hundreds of IPO's, and dozens of mergers and acquisitions.

And I continually shake my head at how badly-prepared most entrepreneurs are when it comes to raising money. I've seen promising companies falter, because the entrepreneur didn't know how to present the idea to investors – or even how to find the right investors to pitch.

It shouldn't have to be that hard. So I decided to put entrepreneurs and investors together on a membership web site, so entrepreneurs can find out DIRECTLY from investors what they're looking for.

"Angel Network Is The Ultimate Resource Center For Entrepreneurs Looking For Funding"

I've taken my 25 years of experience, plus all of my relationships within the investment banking, brokerage, and investor community and put them to work online, to assist entrepreneurs like you.

As an Angel Network member, you'll have access to dozens of industry experts discussing all the topics needed to understand the world of finance. You'll be led by the hand to the groups, investors, funds and VC's who can get your company funded. This is literally a gold mine for those serious about success!

"Angel Network Will Prepare You Like No Other Resource"

“Somebody told me to do it this way . . . ,” said a young entrepreneur, when I asked him why he hadn't presented 4 of the most critical elements every investor wants to hear.

Angel Network presents information directly from investors, top investment bankers, and brokers who know what they're talking about – because they review deals like yours every day.

You'll gain access to industry experts that you would never have access to on your own.

You'll learn everything you need to know to prepare your company, your materials, and your pitch for raising money, including:

  • SECRET SOURCES OF CAPITAL to cut your launch time in half
  • MISTAKES hundreds of entrepreneurs have made when pitching investors . . . so you NEVER repeat them
  • How to impress angel investors – and the secret language to ATTRACT CAPITAL
  • How to protect YOUR equity and NOT give away the farm!
  • How to structure your deal to become a “MONEY MAGNET”
  • Pitfalls of raising capital, and how to deal with them
  • Importance of a business plan, plus a Business Plan Evaluation Checklist
  • Understanding Valuation Methods (so you're not embarrassed!)
  • Building a team that will attract capital
  • Exit Strategies, including IPO's, mergers, and buyouts Plus a Due Diligence Checklist and Confidentiality Agreement Template

As a member, you can access:

  • Audio interviews (MP3 files) – plus written transcripts -- with the nation’s top investment bankers, investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists
  • Printable “how to” articles, templates, checklists, examples, and tools – all prepared by working pros in the investment community
  • Comprehensive directory of VC's nationwide
  • Exclusive directory of angel groups nationwide
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Whether you are new to the money-raising process, or just looking for some tools and tips to save valuable time and thousands of dollars, you'll find one of the most unique working libraries of “how to” information at Angel Network.

“The audiocasts present really solid information . . .” reports a leading investment banker.

If You Decide To Take Advantage Of Angel Network Today, You Will Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts!

  • A 30-minute consultation with a Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) attorney to help you understand the potential value of your IP and how this can increase your company valuation by millions! ( Value $250 )
  • A 30-minute consultation with an attorney specializing in Securities offerings and corporate structure. Most entrepreneurs do not clearly understand what type of corporate vehicle is the best to use when raising funds. Whether C corporation, sub-chapter S corporation, LLC, or partnership, it can all be very confusing. And it can cost you your business if not set up properly. ( Value $250 )
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But wait there is still more included ...

We recognize that there's more to building a successful business that just getting funded so in addition to everything listed above ALL members will also have access to the following benefits:

  • Monthly bonus gifts delivered to right to your mail box that is designed to keep you motivated, up to speed and moving down the right track!
  • I will share with you some offline and online marketing philosophy's, strategies and tactics that will absolutely blow you away!
  • Over 18 hours of recorded Internet marketing advice from the worlds best Internet marketers!
  • Monthly Tele Seminars with industry experts that get you the knowledge needed to get your company funded and flying high. *Includes Q&A after every call.
  • Access to my personal Rolodex of preferred vendors, advisors, attorneys that have all agreed to give Angel Network members preferred pricing! This alone will save you time and money!
  • Ask The Expert audio and videos! You ask the question and we get an expert to answer your question and post it in the members area.

The information and resources from Angel Network has helped me grow my business and get the funding I needed for my online television business. Thank you Greg for helping me grow my business and take it to the next level. I have been recommending Angel Network to all my business partners and friends.

Tom Wood, CEO of MasteryTV
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And to make your time worth while, we've included all this above with our ...

I hope to see you in our membership area soon.


Gregory D. Writer

P.S. Remember that just your FREE consultations alone are worth more than $500! And the exclusive audio files and information you will have access to could be worth thousands . . . maybe millions, depending on your personal situation.

Remember: You are protected by Angel Network’s No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee!