Introducing Our 5 Star, 60 Point Quality Rating System

Our 5 Star, 60 Point Quality Rating System

Our five-star rating system is awarded to our businesses for achieving milestones needed to strengthen their business. They achieve these milestones by working within our user-friendly technology stack, collaborating with qualified advisors, receiving the assets needed to create strong evolving companies, and the training to use these assets efficiently in the areas of marketing and operations.

Business Advantages​

Investor Advantages


We have created an entire business building system that consists of 12 modules and 60 lessons, done online, with the key data points placed in a digital ledger (blockchain). The system we have built has been compared to earning a hyper focused MBA. To achieve this star the 12 quadrants they will need to define, and refine are the following.

Module 1:
Module 2:
Module 3:
Module 4:
Module 5:
Module 6:
Module 7:
Module 8:
Module 9:
Module 10:
Module 11:
Module 12:

Team & Leadership Discovery. Building Teams and Proper Goal Setting
Clarify Their Business Model
Create Their Company Identity
Researching Their Industry
Identify Their Market
Location Selection & Design
Accounting and Taxes
Money Management and Investing Principles
Equipment & Agreements
Team & Personnel

After learning the proper way to run and build a strong business foundation, our in-house team creates all the assets needed to achieve the momentum needed for business and investment success. Each asset created lays the groundwork for the next until they have the full suite and the knowledge to utilize them properly.

Asset 1:
Asset 2:
Asset 3:
Asset 4:
Asset 5:
Asset 6:
Asset 7:
Asset 8:
Asset 9:
Asset 10:
Asset 11:
Asset 12:

Branding & Style Guide
Custom Logo
5 Page Website
Social Media Establishment & Custom Designed Post
20 Custom Designed Social Posts & Social Calendar
Unique Value Proposition Infographic
Business Evaluation Certification
Explainer Video
Business Plan
Investors Deck
Accounting System
Press Release

Our interactive Ascension Exchangeapp is where our community works together to elevate one another. This is also where our investors can see companies who are seeking investment. In this dynamic online community members can interact and network with each other, and give and receive Ascension Coins. These coins are used exclusively within our ecosystem and can be redeemed to strengthen their companies through learning opportunities, services, and product offerings.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:
Step 7:

Step 8:
Step 9:
Step 10:
Step 11:
Step 12:
Step 13:

Profile Creation
Business Plan Upload
Pitch Deck Upload
Recording of Elevator Pitch Video & Upload
Community Connection & Engagement
Live Pitch Meetings Within The App
Receiving of Investor Recommended AscensionAdvancement Sponsored Coins
Spending Of Ascension Coins
Community Development Coins
Service Coins Earned & Redeemable for Service & Product
Super Likes
Boost Activations

Now that your company is established, you are clear on your value proposition and who your client is, you are most likely going to want to raise money. We have reverse engineered this process by creating an efficient way to raise money while still being able to run your business. Our systems will get you to the right investor in less time.

Module 1:
Module 2:

Module 3:
Module 4:
Module 5:
Module 6:
Module 7:

Module 8:
Module 9:

Module 10:
Module 11:

Module 12:

The Seven Steps to Raising Capital
Regulations 101 – Defining and Creating a Raisethat Makes Sense
Capital Raises: Which Structure and Strategy to Use
Term Sheets, Subscription Agreements and PPMs
Finding the Right Investors
Angel Money Marketing – How to Find Investors
The Perfect Pitch System – How to Convert Prospects to Investors
$100 Million Follow Up & Closing – How to Close Investors After the Pitch
Investor Due Diligence 101 – Who’s Investing In Your Company
Investor Relations 101 – Keeping Investors Happy
Cap Tables 101 – Developing and Maintaining Your Capitalization Table
Capital Savvy – How to Deploy Capital in Your Business for Maximum Effect

Once you have mastered the first 4 stars you need to interact with people to accelerate your business exposure. We offer live and online activities within the community for you to learn and accelerate your business. A huge advantage of being a member is increasing your circle of influence. We give you the opportunity to interact with other like-minded successful entrepreneurs as well as investors excited to work with you.

Action 1:
Action 2:
Action 3:
Action 4:
Action 5:

Action 6:
Action 7:
Action 8:
Action 9:
Action 10:
Action 11:
Action 12:

Attend AIN’s Live Incubator/Acceleration Workshop
Perfect Elevator Pitch-Record Video
Perfect the Articulation of Why-Record Video
Perfect & Record Companies Unique Value Proposition
Create strength Based Company Guide & Implement Strength Based Culture for Executives & Personnel.
Attend Member Webinars
Schedule Consultations With Dedicated Success Coaches
Establish Advisory Board
Attend Pitch Tank
CMO/COO Program Deployment
Pitch Investors Live
Share Expertise Via Webinar with Community

As you can see from our rating system, service offerings, quality asset deliverables, and systemization, we truly build a better business. Whether you are looking for investment or not, you need to build a strong foundation & community supporting you that will increase the odds of business success.

As an investor, you can see that we truly are reinventing the way you will be able to invest in companies. We are welcomed into our business operational environments, and help them from the inside out building a lean efficient business. You have the opportunity not only to invest in these high-quality companies but make a difference in the community. You can use your Ascension Coins to help businesses recognize and fill the gaps in their plan in order to become the company you want to work with. Smart investments rather than a general investment will be the elevation point in your overall portfolio success. Do good, while strengthening economies worldwide, and save time and money while doing it.

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