01. Scot Hunsaker of Ardent Group

On today’s episode, Cliff Locks speaks with Scot Hunsaker of Ardent Group about important aspects to consider when preparing to sell your business.

Scot Hunsaker purchased a small engineering firm operating as a sole proprietorship from his father. That firm, Counsilman-Hunsaker, has designed aquatic facilities, including Olympic venues, all over the world. During his tenure as CEO and owner (and as a non-engineer running an engineering company) , he grew Counsilman-Hunsaker’s revenue by a factor of 10, quadrupled the number of employees, opened 4 new offices in the US and went from being licensed to operate in 10 states to operating in all 50 plus 3 Canadian provinces.

He sold Counsilman Hunsaker to the employees for cash in 2012. He has spoken on the topic of ownership transition and ownership thinking across the US and internationally. He is also the author of 30 published articles. He also serves on several boards of directors. In 2013, he formed Ardent Consulting whose mission is to help CEOs and Business owners prepare for their ultimate transition with a particular focus of teaching employees how to think like owners.

Scott is the author of Heroic Ownership.

Visit http://www.ardentgroup.com/heroic-ownership/ for more information

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