27. How a jewelry manufacturer has invested in and built a global brand with Craig Shah

Angels, Exits, & Acquisitions Podcast
with Craig Shah

About our guest Craig Shah

This week’s guest Craig Shah is a celebrity designer of high-end luxury watches and jewelry under the brand name Craig Shelly. His designs are uniquely crafted and customized. 

He started with a small company crafting platinum and 18-karat diamond rings and other jewelry. Venturing into the world of watchmaking in the year 2000, the company slowly made a name for itself. Today the company has a presence in eight countries and ships to 29 countries around the world. 

He partners with many organizations, with official time partners including Harvard versus Yale, right from the eyes of cricket, all-stars Beverly Hills police, IFA PGA, and trans Hospital for Children.

He’s committed to giving back to society. He partners with many organizations supporting children and veterans. Hope to break the cycle of poverty, each watch purchased supports one child, with food and education for one year. 

Craig Shelly’s secret to success

Craig Shelly’s designer watches and jewelry are competing with top brands like Rolex, Tiffany, Cartier, etc. But Craig says it took him a long time to get here. 

What helped Craig Shelly reach this level of success?

  • Commitment to creativity and excellence
  • Making the Craig Shelly products truly unique filled a gap in the market
  • Producing durable products with a lifetime warranty
  • Corporate gifting program
  • Customizing watches and jewelry for brands

Craig Shah’s advice to entrepreneurs and investors

“If you have talent, put it out there. If you have money, meet the right people to level up.” – Craig Shah

Find out more about Craig Shelly

You can find more information on Craig’s company here. 




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