29. From tech entrepreneur to tech investor. How Dinesh Gauba is saving the planet as an angel investor

About Dinesh Gauba

This week on Angels, Exits, & Acquisitions podcast, Jeff Barnes and Erock Christopher is talking to Dinesh Gauba. Dinesh is a serial tech executive, a dynamic entrepreneur, and a sharp investor. He has built up a diverse portfolio of angel investments, real estate investments, and alternate cash flow investments. 

He became involved in investing after having been a part of different tech startups that went through the acquisition process. Having an electrical engineering degree he leaned towards the tech industry with software, embedded systems, semiconductors, and video technology. Over the years he has invested in real estate, oil, and gas, angel investing distressed properties. He has developed an interest in disruptive technology in the environment sector as well as the health and wellness industry. One of his ventures Through years of investment experience he has mastered the ins and outs of investing. 

He has learned how to create wealth and earn financial freedom as an entrepreneur and as an investor through smart investments. In addition, Dinesh has built expertise in tax reduction strategies, helping businesses keep more of their earnings. 

How Dinesh overcame a personal health challenge

Eighteen months ago Dinesh survived a serious car accident and it took him months to recover from that. He could not walk for over three months and did not know when he would get better. Of his experience, he says it was painful but a learning experience for him. He learned to be more grateful and realized the importance of diverse investments and having multiple streams of income. 

He suggests that it’s important to be mindful of where we put our attention and what we focus on. Instead of panicking and overthinking the future, we can focus on the present moment. Taking things one day at a time instead of constantly worrying about the future will help. Keeping a sense of perspective is important during these trying times. 

Advice for Business owners 

  • Diversify income streams to stay safe in uncertain times.
  • Learn to use capital efficiently to get through downturns.
  • Anticipate the changing needs of the times and adjust and innovate.
  • Avoid over-funding because that can lead to failure of the business. 

Advice for Investors

  • Look for companies that are efficient with their capital and resources.
  • Seek companies that are diverse and adaptable.
  • Build a trustworthy network.
  • Build a diverse investment portfolio and focus on multiple income streams.
  • Trust your sources but make sure you also verify. 

Find out more about Dinesh Gauba

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