37. Avery Piantedosi, Lois

🔥 Get ready for an electrifying journey into the world of groundbreaking personal safety technology! Join us as we unveil Lois, the startup on a mission to transform personal safety and modernize the 911 system.

🚀 In this riveting discussion, Avery, the visionary founder, reveals her inspiring journey, Lois’s innovative solutions, and the quest to secure funding for this game-changing endeavor.

🚀 Key Points:

  • Lois: Transforming Personal Safety
  • Founder’s Inspiring Story
  • Proactive Safety Solutions
  • Raising Capital for Impact
  • Challenges & Strategies
  • Angel Investing Insights


0:00 – Introduction

1:20 – Avery’s Personal Safety Journey

3:45 – Lois: A Game-Changer in Tech

6:10 – The Vision Behind Lois

9:25 – The Capital Raising Challenge

12:15 – Insights into Angel Investing

15:30 – Call to Action: Subscribe for More!

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