42. John Basar, WaxNax

In this engaging episode of “Angels Exits and Acquisitions,” viewers are treated to an enlightening conversation with John Basar, the co-founder of WaxNax. This episode delves into how a finance student from Tulane University transformed a simple college idea into WaxNax, a pioneering startup reshaping the cannabis concentrate experience. John Basar offers a transparent look into the hurdles and victories of breaking into the cannabis industry, emphasizing user experience and the drive towards a safer, more refined method of concentrate consumption:


00:00 – Meet John Basar and the WaxNax Concept

05:00 – Origins of WaxNax at Tulane University

10:00 – From Concept to Cannabis Industry Disruptor

15:00 – Facing the Cannabis Industry’s Complex Landscape

20:00 – The Crucial Role of Profitability in Startup Success

25:00 – WaxNax’s Vision for Future Growth and Market Expansion

This episode provides a rich narrative for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, or the dynamic changes within the cannabis sector. It’s a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs, cannabis enthusiasts, or anyone keen on the crossroads of business innovation and regulatory landscapes.

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Explore more about WaxNax and their journey by visiting the WaxNax Website.

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LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/johnbasartu

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