43. Thomas Kereszti, Culture Force

In this episode of the Angels, Exits, & Acquisitions Podcast, we welcome Thomas Kereszti, Co-Founder of Culture Force, Certified Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Corporate Trainer at Maxwell Leadership. Dive into an enriching discussion as Thomas shares his profound insights on raising capital, acquiring businesses, and leading with a focus on growth and leadership. Explore his journey from his early days in large corporations to embracing the path of entrepreneurship and the intricacies of raising capital. This episode is packed with valuable lessons on leadership, investment strategies, and convincing investors, making it a must-listen for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

πŸ•’ Timestamps:

  • [00:43] Thomas’s introduction and career background
  • [01:12] Transition from corporate roles to entrepreneurship
  • [03:40] Scaling financial asks from millions to billions
  • [05:51] The critical role of sales in every sector
  • [07:54] Convincing investors by building trust
  • [10:18] Crafting the perfect pitch: What, Why, How, and Who
  • [16:11] The strategy behind strategic acquisitions and vision
  • [24:09] The role of a consultant in C-Suite decisions and leadership
  • [35:42] Achieving success in mergers and acquisitions

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πŸ“š Thomas’s Book Recommendation:

  • Discover a wealth of knowledge on leadership and corporate success in “C-Suite and Beyond: Four Keys to Leadership Success.” https://www.amazon.com/C-Suite-Beyond-Keys-Leadership-Success/dp/140022702X

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