45. Simar Bedi, Sol Recycling

🌿 Explore the world of innovative recycling with Sol Recycling! 🌍 In this podcast episode, we sit down with Simar Bedi, the CEO of Sol Recycling, to uncover their groundbreaking mission to revolutionize recycling.

Discover how Sol Recycling is changing the game by finding creative solutions to repurpose various materials, from plastics and paper to hazardous medical waste. Learn about their cutting-edge technology and the global impact they’re striving to achieve.

🔥 Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation that challenges our disposable culture and inspires us to make a positive change for our planet.

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🕒 Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction

02:14 – Sol Recycling’s Vision

04:57 – Repurposing Materials

09:30 – Innovative Technology

14:32 – Solving Medical Waste Challenges

19:18 – Impact on the Environment

23:03 – Changing Mindsets

26:30 – The Future of Sol Recycling

Join us in supporting Sol Recycling’s mission to eliminate landfills and create a greener future for all. Visit their website for more information: https://solrecycling.com/ 

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