46. Claire Milligan, Aimably

In today’s fast-paced business world, understanding the intricacies of the entrepreneurial journey, from initial investment to strategic exits and acquisitions, is crucial for any startup or established company aiming to scale. This podcast delves into the stories of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts who share their insights on raising capital, navigating business growth, mastering the art of negotiation, and executing successful exits. Through engaging discussions, this series provides listeners with invaluable advice, strategies, and real-world experiences to inspire and guide them on their business journey.

00:01 – Episode introduction by Jeff Barnes.
01:19 – Claire’s career transition from product management to finance.
07:14 – Learning financial management through experience.
10:22 – The shift to entrepreneurship.
15:21 – Introduction of Aimably, focusing on cloud cost management.
23:25 – The challenge of selling a new solution and the importance of founder-led sales.
34:29 – Closing remarks and how to connect with Claire Milligan and Aimably.

Guest Bio:
Claire Milligan, a powerhouse in tech and finance, co-founded Aimably to tackle the challenge of optimizing cloud costs for businesses. With a deep understanding of product management, software development, and financial strategy, Claire guides companies through financial transformations for improved efficiency and profitability. Discover more about her journey at ClaireMilligan.com.

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