48. Michael Del Prete, Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA)

In this insightful episode, explore the world of real estate investing with Michael Del Prete, Executive Director of the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA). Discover how Michael started his real estate career with no initial capital and progressively mastered wholesaling, carving out a significant presence in Arizona’s dynamic market. Gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and challenges of building a successful real estate investment portfolio.

Michael Del Prete is the Executive Director of the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA). A full-time real estate investor and educator, Michael co-hosts The AZREIA Show, a podcast dedicated to real estate investing. http://www.azreia.org/show. With 2,000 active members in Arizona and a growing audience of 2,000 monthly podcast downloads, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the community. Explore more about Michael and AZREIA at https://azreia.org/.


[13:30] – Introduction
[13:32] – Starting in real estate
[13:34] – Learning wholesaling
[13:37] – First real estate deal
[13:39] – Expanding investment strategies
[13:41] – Raising capital
[13:43] – Marketing in real estate
[13:45] – Adapting to market changes
[13:47] – Case study: Sedona property
[13:49] – Future of real estate investing

What You’ll Learn:

→Strategies for getting started in real estate with minimal investment.
→The benefits of networking and building relationships in the real estate market.
→Detailed explanations of real estate concepts like wholesaling, flipping, and the importance of raising capital.
→How to adapt and thrive in changing market conditions with creative investment strategies.

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