49. Lien De Pau, The Big Exit

Explore the intricacies of building, scaling, and successfully exiting a business in this enlightening conversation with serial entrepreneur Lien De Pau. From her extensive entrepreneurial journey to the critical steps towards preparing for a business sale, this video offers invaluable insights for any business owner aiming for the big exit.

00:00 – Welcome and Podcast Overview
00:42 – Exiting a Business: Key Insights
01:39 – Introduction of Guest Speaker
02:04 – Entrepreneurial Backgrounds Shared
03:11 – Differences in Entrepreneurial Paths
06:16 – Challenges and Values in Entrepreneurship
10:30 – Building and Managing Teams
14:00 – The Importance of Hiring Practices
17:02 – Recognizing the Right Time to Exit
20:23 – Understanding Business Decline and Exit Strategy
24:19 – Preparing for Business Sale: Tips and Resources

Connect with our guest, Lien De Pau:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liendepau/
Explore extensive resources on preparing and selling small businesses at https://thebigexit.co/. Discover blog posts, flagship courses, and a helpful quiz to assess if your business is ready for sale.

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