50. Dr. Holger Bartel, RealRate

Delve into the innovative world of financial technologies and AI-driven investment strategies in this enlightening episode of Angels Exits and Acquisitions. Discover the intricacies of FinTech, blockchain, and AI as pivotal tools reshaping investment landscapes. Learn about the challenges and successes entrepreneurs face in this dynamic sector, with a special focus on Dr. Holger Bartel’s journey in founding RealRate, an AI-based rating agency committed to transparency and conflict-free evaluations.

Explore RealRate’s innovative approach to financial ratings using AI. For more information, visit RealRate at https://realrate.ai and discover how AI technology is enhancing transparency and reliability in financial assessments.


00:48 – Introduction and Overview
01:47 – Guest Introduction: Dr. Holger Bartel
02:16 – Dr. Bartel’s Background
02:52 – What is Fintech?
03:20 – Munich Re and Innovation
03:51 – Insurance Industry Insights
05:41 – Rating Agencies and Conflicts of Interest
06:18 – Founding TriRate: The First AI Rating Agency
07:29 – Historical Context: Financial Crises
09:29 – Explaining the AI Rating Process
13:01 – The Importance of Explainable AI
14:48 – Dr. Bartel’s Past Startups
23:58 – The Role of Actuaries in Insurance
24:33 – Predicting Economic Trends with AI
25:09 – Case Studies and Real-World Applications
26:22 – Upcoming Plans for Real Rate AI
26:55 – Closing Remarks

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