52. Thiv Paramsothy, Hera Fertility

In this insightful episode of “Angels, Exits, and Acquisitions,” we delve into the evolving landscape of healthcare and digital health with Thiv Paramsothy. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, Thiv shares his journey from founding startups to achieving successful exits and now focusing on transforming fertility treatments. Discover how his personal experiences and passion for improving healthcare systems have driven him to innovate and provide accessible, at-home fertility solutions through Hera Fertility.

Thiv discusses the current challenges in the healthcare system, the impact of COVID-19, and the need for a preventative approach to health. He also sheds light on the intricacies of the fertility industry, emphasizing the importance of diagnosing and treating infertility issues without resorting to expensive and invasive procedures like IVF. Learn about Hera Fertility’s mission to offer affordable and effective at-home testing and treatment options and how technology plays a crucial role in this transformation.


1:44 – Guest Introduction
4:16 – Discussion on the Healthcare System
7:26 – Importance of Preventative Care
10:24 – Entrepreneurs and Innovation
14:56 – Previous Ventures and Exits
19:51 – Transition to Hera Fertility
21:30 – The Need for Accessible Fertility Solutions
24:06 – Hera Fertility’s Approach
27:56 – Future Plans for Hera Fertility
28:57 – Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the future of healthcare, the importance of understanding root causes, and the entrepreneurial journey of navigating and innovating within this critical industry.

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