54. Sid Mohasseb, The Entrepreneur Philosopher

Understanding the principles of risk navigation and the critical mindset shifts necessary for entrepreneurship is essential. Highlighting the journey from starting a first business to becoming a full-time angel investor, this podcast delves into the strategies and philosophies that drive successful entrepreneurship and investment. The discussion addresses the importance of defining personal risk tolerance, recognizing inherent entrepreneurial traits, and leveraging opportunities and partnerships to achieve growth. Key insights into navigating economic uncertainties, managing resources, and maintaining flexibility in strategy are explored to provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

1:43 Introduction to Sid Massab
2:16 Sid’s Early Career
3:51 Transition to Angel Investing
4:38 Selling a Company to KPMG
6:24 Defining Entrepreneurship
8:19 Navigating Risk
10:02 Role of Customers and Employees
13:44 Perspective on Investment
16:10 Realities of Raising Capital
20:27 Importance of Coachability
22:12 Customer-Centric Approach
24:26 Resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship
26:56 Evolution of Investment Landscape
29:18 Advice on Taking Investments
33:06 Sid’s Books and Contact Information
35:06 Conclusion

Guest speaker Sid Mohasseb is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor with a storied career. Learn more about Sid, his journey, and his contributions to the field by visiting https://mohasseb.com/. For a deeper understanding of authentic entrepreneurship and strategic innovation, check out his insightful books, The Caterpillar’s Edge and You Are Not Them, available on Amazon. Connect with Sid on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohasseb/.

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