55. Michael Charles, AMCO

Intellectual property is a critical asset for businesses, encompassing know-how, goodwill, brand names, and trademarks. This episode explores the intricacies of valuing intangible assets and their importance in various industries, from manufacturing to software. Learn about the methods and historical data used to assess the value of intellectual property and how it can impact a company’s market value. Discover the role of independent valuation in capital raising and exit strategies, and how it helps convert liabilities into valuable assets.

Our guest, Michael Charles, brings over 35 years of expertise in intellectual property valuation. Based in London, Michael is the Director at AMCO and has a wealth of experience in valuing assets for businesses across various sectors. His insights into how intellectual property can be leveraged to maximize company value are invaluable.

[0:00] Intro and Overview
[0:40] Key Factors in Valuation
[1:32] Guest Introduction
[2:31] Guest Background
[3:03] Intellectual Property in Business
[5:05] Understanding Goodwill
[8:07] Value of Intellectual Property
[10:54] Assessing Key Individuals
[13:16] Independent Valuation for Raising Capital
[14:49] Market Share and Value
[18:31] Examples of Successful Exits
[21:44] Valuation of Public Companies
[24:22] Securing Intellectual Property
[26:16] Importance of Contingency Plans
[27:22] Conclusion and Contact Information

• For more information about Michael and his work, visit https://www.amco-agency.com/.
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