First-Time US Entry: Luxembourg Fund Offers Varied Investment Prospects


DHF Capital will establish its unique financial insights developed in the global market through the Angel Investors Network partnership

HOSINGEN, LUXEMBOURG, June 2, 2023/ — DHF Capital announces its plan to deliver its wealth management solutions to U.S. clients through a partnership with Angel Investors Network.

“We are thrilled that U.S. investors now have access to us through Angel Investors Network,” said Rowan Rozemond, Head of Global Investor Relations at DHF. “DHF has always strived to develop wealth management plans that meet the varied needs of our clients. American investors can finally take advantage of these services.”

Recently featured on CNBC Markets Now, DHF’s modern approach to creating diverse portfolios includes a third-party corporate guarantee and an array of investment strategies. The fund credits its novel approach to investment opportunities to the varied trading backgrounds of its partners, balanced assets, and mutual interests for both the firm and clients. U.S. investors now have exclusive access to their trademark financial skills through Angel Investors Network.

“This joint venture allows us to bring the U.S. and European leaders together and reach our 5-year plan of generating $1 billion in capital for our clients,” added Jeff Barnes, CEO of Angel Investors Network. “U.S. investors can now take advantage of DHF’s solid financial services and products. We are very excited to work with DHF as they have a history of providing positive returns for their investors and a unique strategy that most retail investors do not get access to.”

“This joint venture allows us to bring the U.S. and European leaders together and reach our 5-year plan of generating $1 billion in capital for our clients.”

— Jeff Barnes, CEO of Angel Investors Network

The collaboration with Angel Investors Network follows both parties’ strict mission guidelines to add value and grow investors’ portfolios to build lifelong wealth. It stands apart from other financial partnerships because of its calculated and risk-measured assets chosen for maximum mutual benefit.

“We understand the unique challenges that all investors face when approaching new investment opportunities,” said Bas Kooijman, CEO of DHF. “We can now bridge that gap for American investors through Angel Investors Network.”

Angel Investors Network has steadily expanded its network of entrepreneurs, investors, and partners since its inception in 1997. AIN’s network and partners have raised over $100 billion for investors. Their goal is to become the leading global investor community.

“Our continued collaboration with DHF is part of AIN’s ongoing mission to give individual investors the ability to build generational wealth through the power of our network and access to world-class investment opportunities,” Barnes continues. “DHF Capital brings their experience in the global market and innovative insights to U.S. investors.”

With a combined global mission and a clear set of financial goals, DHF Capital and Angel Investors Network are on track to create happier, smarter, and wealthier clients.

For investment inquiries regarding DHF Capital, please email Angel Investors Network at or visit

DHF Capital is a Luxembourg-based investment fund management company that combines experience, innovation, and structured strategies to ensure stable, risk-managed investments for clients. Their core mission is continually challenging themselves to deliver wealth management solutions that will apply to their clients’ diverse financial objectives. DHF Capital was established in 2014.

Angel Investors Network (AIN) focuses on empowering individual investors to help entrepreneurial leaders build businesses that can affect generations to come. They offer training and coaching programs, publications, and investment funds as part of their mission to close financial knowledge gaps for investors and entrepreneurs. Angel Investors Network is based in Las Vegas, NV.

Bas Kooijman, CEO and Asset Manager at DHF Capital on CNBC International TV

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Bas Kooijman, CEO and Asset Manager of DHF Capital S.A, co founded DHF in 2020 with the goal of making wealth creation more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Rowan Rozemond, Board Member and Secretary of DHF Capital, is experienced investor, incubator and accelerator in the Venture Capital world with over 10 years of experiance in the business.

Jeff Barnes, CEO, Angel Investors Network, is a former US Navy nuclear trained submariner and scuba diver, Fortune 100 risk management specialist, two-time international best selling author, serial entrepreneur, investor, and fund manager.

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