Successfully Raising Capital for Your Business Can Take Up to 80% of Your Time.

Angel Investors Network can reduce that by up to 50% so you can focus on what matters most- running your business!

Is your customer demand crippling your operations? Are you unable to grow your operations and increase visibility? This is that stage where all your hard work through the launch and build stages should be paying off. But the reality is, many businesses stumble and fall here.

Then on top of the normal struggles add the economic slowdown, and you find yourself feeling overworked, and stressed with less time than you have ever had.

We can help. We have helped over 10,000 companies move through this stage and grow since 1997, and we are ready to help you too!

Here is How We Help
Businesses Scale

Stage 1. Discover where your business is & how it compares to other businesses

We can’t effectively take you to the next level until we know where you stand in your industry. We will conduct a website and marketing audit that will show us where you stand in comparison to your competition, and also reveal how the major search engines see your digital assets.

Get a Customized Business Evaluation to Show Investors:

Stage 2. We provide the proper resources
and talent to help you optimize your
marketing and operations.

Deploying the resources and talent to move your company forward.

What you need is a CMO and a COO at this stage, not only the people but all of the deliverables at a fraction of the cost that other companies are paying. Imagine having access to resources like fortune 500 companies are using but paying pennies on the dollar and having your staff work 6 days a week 24 hours a day!

Discover What We Do, & How We do it Better & for Less!

Stage 3.  Get you investor ready

The reason our investors are standing in line to invest in our businesses is that we reduce their capital risk. Think about your business plan for a minute. What three areas are you deploying most of the investment into?

Marketing, Operations, and Payroll, correct? The reality investors face is that giving companies money to help with these things rarely results in the return on investment that both the investor and business were hoping for.

Let’s talk about why that is. Money does not instantly solve the problem of conversions, hiring the right talent, improving operations, and alleviating capital restraints. You need to still find all the proper resources and talent to deploy with those funds. This is where things get tricky. Let us ask you a straightforward question; Why is it you think that now that you have the money it comes with the solution to these needs?

Investors are investing in the jockey as well as the horse. They want to know your idea is amazing and that you have the best people running the company to provide their ROI.

This is where Angel Investors Network is changing the way investments into companies are being done. We position our companies to come to the table with their ducks in a row. We build the business from the inside out and position our investors and business to both be at the head of the table.

Investors can look at our digital ledger (blockchain) technology where the entire journey of the business has been documented. The ability to come to a pitch where the investor can see all the data and progress in a transparent easy to understand way levels the playing field.

Investors can look at our digital ledger (blockchain) technology where the entire journey of the business has been documented. The ability to come to a pitch where the investor can see all the data and progress in a transparent easy to understand way levels the playing field. You will come in with the knowledge of how investments work and the difference between capital and smart capital, by learning the following:
  • The Seven Steps to Raising Capital
  • Regulations 101 – Defining and Creating a Raise that Makes Sense
  • Capital Raises: Which Structure and Strategy to Use
  • Term Sheets, Subscription Agreements and PPMs
  • Finding the Right Investors
  • Angel Money Marketing – How to Find Investors
  • The Perfect Pitch System – How to Convert Prospects to Investors
  • $100 Million Follow Up & Closing – How to Close Investors After the Pitch
  • Investor Due Diligence 101 – Who’s Investing In Your Company
  • Investor Relations 101 – Keeping Investors Happy
  • Cap Tables 101 – Developing and Maintaining Your Capitalization Table
  • Capital Savvy – How to Deploy Capital in Your Business for Maximum Effect

Investors are excited to meet with you because you have your marketing, operations, and sales being run by our teams from which they have seen countless positive results. Transparency is the key to all relationships, so why would investment relationships be any different? When all these things are at their fingertips, their capital risk is reduced which is a win-win for both the investor as well as the business.

When you are trying to scale and are looking for an investor to help take you to the next level, about 70% of your time will be dedicated to the raise. If you are out doing that, who is running your business? This is the missing answer in many capital raising journeys. We have the solution to make this phase of your business run smoothly. 

To talk with a success manager,and let us help you reclaim your time and create a legacy.

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