Shark Tank Tree T Pee Episode! Brings you to tears!

What a great episode! Farmer walks away with a deal and the Hearts of America!
A second generation farmer and entrepreneur went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to pitch a product and story that is still resonating in the hearts of many across the country.

Johnny Georges, a farmer from Florida, created the “Tree-T-Pee,”a device that, when put around the base of a tree, can save a farmer thousands of dollars in irrigation fees by containing the spraying water in a small space surrounding the base of the tree.

Though it seemed as if Johnny suffered from a rough start at the beginning of his pitch due to some tough questions, he stayed true to himself when pressured why he refused to raise his prices: “I work for farmers. It’s what I do, and helping them helps us all,” Georges said.” “It’s not about the money to me. It’s about doing what’s right.”

Shark investor John Paul DeJoria jumped on board and accepted Georges offer of 20% of his company for a $150,000 investment. “When Johnny said that this Tree-T-Pee saves 3,000 percent on water, you only use one-30th the water, that’s when I knew this was good for farmers. It’s good for America. I want to be this guy’s partner.”

Shark Tank, the critically-acclaimed reality show that has reinvigorated entrepreneurship in America, has also become a culturally defining series. The recipient of the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, the business-themed show has returned to the ABC Television Network for its sixth season.

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