SeedInvest Joins Angel Investors Network


SeedInvest works closely with entrepreneurs to connect them to value-add investors like yourself. We help investors cut through the noise by curating companies that will resonate with you.

SeedInvestHighly Vetted Deal Flow.

We believe in quality over quantity. Unlike other platforms which merely act as listing services, 2% of companies that apply are approved and listed as vetted opportunities on SeedInvest.

SeedInvestNo Carried Interest

Unlike other platforms who take 20% of the upside through carried interest, SeedInvest is free for investors. Carried interest can have a signifificant impact on returns.

SeedInvestActive Partner

We are not just a listing service. Our team has helped manage billions in private investment funds and has raised hundreds of millions for companies.

SeedInvestEasier Diversification

Our minimum investments are as low as $2,500, which can be 10x-20x smaller than typical minimum angel investments, enabling much easier diversification across industries and geographies.


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