Let’s Talk About Whales!

Also Known as the Dream 100!

Diana Tsakiris 09:37:59
Right. Got it. All right, well, good afternoon to my East coasters and good morning to my West coasters. Welcome to Episode Seven of Ask Me Anything with CEO Jeff Barnes here at the angel investors network. Good morning, Jeff. Happy Thursday.

Jeff Barnes 09:38:18
How are you doing Diana?

Diana Tsakiris 09:38:20
I’m doing pretty good. doing pretty good. The weather is finally starting to make this thing set. You know, we may have a potential season change out here in Florida, it’s dipping down a little bit. So you know, it’s good time of year. Get ready for Halloween next week? Oh, maybe we can work stunts. Anywho. This week on episode seven, Jeff is going to be covering whales? No, I’m not talking about the big huge animal that’s out in the ocean, that mammal that comes up and shoots water out. I’m not talking about Shenmue. And we’re not going to be doing any tricks like you wouldn’t be doing on. You know, let’s see, Rob, I am talking about business whales. He’s going to tell us what is a whale? It’s not the animal. So what is it? Why do you want a whale? How many whales do you want? And what do you do with a whale when you come across them? And that’s where we’re going to go from there. I will be checking in and out some comments here on Facebook. So please go in there. And send us some comments. We’ve got Bernadette, our great assistants who she’s going to be in there, let me know. So if you don’t see me looking at the page, you can always tell something, I think I make funny faces when I’m reading them. She’ll shoot me over a direct message to let me know when I need to go in and read something. And then after Jeff talks about Wales, we’re going to address the questions we get live as well as some of these really amazing questions we’ve been getting in on our forum for Ask me anything questions that we send out, we will be pending that in the link. And also my calendar will be in the link to be able to in the comment section, we’ll be able to say that you can schedule a call to jump on. And we look forward to teaching everybody what a whale is today. So Jeff, if it’s not shambu? What is it?

Jeff Barnes 09:40:12
It’s a good question. And thank you very much, Stan, for that introduction. So a few years ago, I’ve learned from folks like Dan Kennedy, in the world of marketing, and we’re talking, we’re at a conference of his one time, and he’s talking about going out there. And for business owners trying to grow their companies, there always seems to be this notion that you have to undercut under price your your business and your competitors. Because if you don’t, then your competitors are going to eat your lunch. And unfortunately, what that is, that’s a very limiting mindset and a very narrow minded approach. And what it results in is a lot of people fighting to get to the very bottom of the barrel. That’s what a lot of business owners do, then there’s a number of businesses, when they decide to price their products, they put it right there in the middle, and it’s up to everybody else around here. And I’m just gonna put my products right in the middle, then you look at the companies that want to go out there and just price at the highest level possible, right? You know, if we were thinking about the car industry, maybe on the low end, you might put keya, down on the very low end. Then the middle mark, you put the GM in the forums as such, and then you know, we like it a little bit higher end, you know, the BMW Lexus’s and so on the very top and you got Bugatti, right. And Bugatti doesn’t compete anywhere in those other spaces. They don’t have to use Ferrari. And what they have done is they go after the whales in their business, they go after the people who are going to drop a significant amount of money without even batting an eye. And that’s really what we’re talking about is how do you go out there and you find the people who are going to come to your business, either invest in your business, or become customers and patrons of your business, and are the real thing, the real people, the real ones are going to write the big checks. See if you’re going out there, especially if you’re raising capital. raising capital is one of the hardest things you can do in any business. And if you’re going out there, you’re trying to find people that can write a check for $1,000 or $500. And you’re trying to raise $100,000, even at 1000 bucks a pop, that’s 100 people. If you’re trying to raise a million, well you get you can do the math, right? You’re talking to a lot of people versus what if you went out there and you found one person that could write a million dollar check. That changes things right? there’s not as many people who can write a million dollar check. True, but these what we consider the whales. And in doing so you have to talk to a lot fewer people to get the job done. So if you’re trying to raise a million dollars, and you’re going to try and raise a million bucks at $1,000 apiece, it’s gonna take you a lot of conversations to get those 1000 investors in at $1,000 each. Plus your cap table is completely ruined because now you have 1000 people on there VCs don’t like to see that. It’s gonna be atrocious, right? It’s not gonna be fun. Versus you go out there and say, Listen, I’m only going to talk to people who can write me a million dollar check. And I’m only gonna go after the people that I know have the ability to do that your field is really, really narrow. And so now instead of talking to the people who can only write 1000 $5,000 at a time, you’re only talking to people who are capable of doing that, which means you only need one check really, to reach your million dollar goal. That’s what a whale is. And it’s different for different industries and different customers, but we’re talking about raising capital, this is the way you want to look at it. How many people do you want to talk to to raise X amount of dollars and if you don’t mind talking to 10,000 people then fine Go for it, but you’ll probably never get there because it takes so many so much time to get this done. And if you’re having a 30 minute conversation with 10,000 people, you know, you can do the math, it’s gonna take a few years to get that accomplished. Versus you narrow your field down you say I only want to focus on these 50 people and I’m gonna go after these 50 or maybe these 100 I’m gonna go after these 100 people and those are the 100 that I want to work with. And they’re in the next part of the equation which is the dream 100 Okay, so before I go to the dream 100 is that all of that right there makes sense then

Diana Tsakiris 09:44:12
yeah, so far You know, I mean, a whole bunch of cliches kind of popped up in my head you know time is money you know quality over quantity you know, put it put the time in beforehand, you know, your audience all kinds of stuff popped in, in my head when you were talking to him, it makes complete sense, would it’s so much better to focus your time and energy on locating and doing your due diligence and making sure that the people you are talking to have the ability to do what you need them to do them running around and just randomly knocking doors trick or treating, hoping that you don’t get a handful of Tootsie Pops, you know are getting a handful of Tootsie Pops to build up to the sneaker full sized Snickers bar, right? know which houses giving out full size candy bars instead of the little tiny mini ones, is basically what you’re saying, Yes, I got Halloween on my brain. Sorry. But ya know, so far, it makes a whole lot of sense. No, that the clients, you’re you’re talking to, can write the checks that you need. And figure that out before you talk to them and have a good direct conversation with the people that can fulfill what you’re looking for. And stead of just talking to anybody.

Jeff Barnes 09:45:26
Yep. And this leads into a few questions we’ve gotten, you know, as we’ve sent out these surveys, so Erica asked, you know, how do I find an investor, right? I really don’t want to go to a bank because I don’t have all the requirements of being cast. So where can I find an investor? And then, let’s see, Ron was asking, How do I find the right investors for our startup in our industry? So there’s a few questions have come up from people around this. And that’s why we want to talk about this this week. This is where the concept of your dream 100 comes in. And the dream went under was first coined by Chet Holmes. And Chet Holmes said, essentially, create a list of the 100 people you would love to do business with, who you think would change the game overnight for you. And then I was in Russell Bronson’s mastermind A number of years ago, and Russell reiterated this, he talked about the dream 100. And so if you don’t know, Russell has built a company Click Funnels, it’s done probably over four or $500 million, and since inception at this point, just a few years into it. And they haven’t had to raise any venture capital, which is pretty impressive for a company in the SAS space like they are. And he and I were talking a while ago about the dream 100 cultivating your dream, what are and what does that actually look like? And how do you make that happen properly. And when you’re when it comes to raising capital, this is where it gets a little bit tricky, right? People have this mentality, this notion that, well, if you have money, you can invest. So if my deals really good, and you have money, and you can invest, why wouldn’t you invest in my deal. And the fact of the matter is that most investors, specifically angel investors, but definitely VCs, don’t just write checks for anything. Investors are also segmented, they don’t want to go out there and write a check for any old business. Even if it could be a unicorn an incredible company, they invest in something they understand, because they know that they can have a better impact. If they invest in a company in an industry in a sector that they understand they can have some sort of advice and input into. And so what you want to do is you want to go out there and you want to find the people who are already writing checks in that space. And there’s a few ways to go about this. But the easiest thing that you could possibly do is go to crunchbase COMM And crunchbase has just this massive inventory of companies, investors, advisors, everything, and how much funding they’ve raised, and sometimes even Well, actually a lot of the time, who has been the investor into a company. So let’s say that I’m going to start a brand new sock business. Just For fun, and I want to create really cool goofy socks that I think people are gonna love to wear because socks are trendy and fashionable and but I don’t have any money to go out there and buy all the raw materials, I need to start manufacturing them and I need to go get some capital for that. Well, a few things. First, he got to prove the concept socks are pretty easy. everybody wears socks for the most part. So we don’t need to worry about that. But you know, the trendy socks to be

Diana Tsakiris 09:48:23
I don’t know, you gotta be careful on that. Jeff, I’m in Florida. Can’t say everybody wear socks in Florida because we’ve barely wear shoes down here.

Jeff Barnes 09:48:31
I said all nighters, I did get corrected it,

Diana Tsakiris 09:48:34
you went back. But you know, I just all of a sudden heard all my Florida people go and socks. Do I have to I don’t even wear shoes,

Jeff Barnes 09:48:43
like that. And so you know, you have to prove the concept. You have to have your MVP and then you want to test it, you want to see if people are gonna buy something, right? The the biggest mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is trying to go after an investor before they’ve proven a concept at all. Right? So we’re, that’s not a conversation for today. But let’s just say you’ve gone through all the legwork you need to do and now you’re ready to go out there and actually get investors, I would go on to crunchbase. And I’d find all my competitors. I find every other company out there who is making some similar type of sock, right? So I might think of a company like tipsy elves, tipsy elves doesn’t necessarily specialize in socks, but they do fashionable ugly sweaters and apparel and things like that. And they were on Shark Tank years ago, and they’ve raised a bunch of money and they made a bunch of money, right? So they’d be a good example. So I’d go look up Tim CEOs, and then find out who the investors were for tipsy elves. And then I’d go and I reach out to those investors. But what I would not do is I wouldn’t reach out to the investors and say, Hey, I’m a competitor, if 50,000 raising capital Would you like to invest? It’s a terrible idea. Instead of what I do,

Diana Tsakiris 09:49:47
you know, you don’t think you should go to until the investors are competitive. Hmm.

Jeff Barnes 09:49:54
in some regards, it can make sense if somebody is invested in one company in the sector, to absolutely want to invest in the next one. What I’m saying is, it’s the approach, right? It’s how you go about approaching. And so investors, especially if they’re on crunchbase, if they’re on things like Angel list, if, if they’re listed in TechCrunch, or any of these other accelerators, incubators, Angel groups that you can find an angel group almost anywhere you are, search for local Angel group in your city name, and you’ll probably find an angel investor group that you can go and you can pitch to and you can talk to someone there, right? But what you don’t want to do is just cold call and pitch them on the first interaction. what you’d like to do is say, Hey, you know, Dan, I saw that you invested in tipsy elves. I’m really curious what your experience was, like, I’m in the process of starting another company like that. And I’d love to have a quick conversation about you about what I can expect going down this route, right? And so it’s that sort of ask for advice, not ask for money. And if you ask for advice, eventually the money will come. Because what will happen is you’ll have a conversation and that first conversation will go nowhere, then they’ll say but I think I might know somebody else who might be able to help you and then you have a next conversation moving a little bit further down the track by the third or fourth conversation that stemmed from that very first one, all of us and you might have some interested parties in either investing advising or helping you in some way

Diana Tsakiris 09:51:22
right so what you’re saying is if I want Warren Buffett to give me some money, I should at least build some rapport meet Mr. Buffett have a conversation before I stick my hand out

Jeff Barnes 09:51:35
it’s probably a good idea I mean, I I say if you’re gonna go try and get to Warren Buffett, you better know really well but

Diana Tsakiris 09:51:43
I’m just putting we’re live and there’s millions of people out there Warren I just I’m not looking for money. I’m actually looking for that Facebook post if I could sit on a bench with somebody you’re one of those people. I digress. But no, it was just a name that kind of popped in my head. So it really makes a lot of sense if we’re trying you know, and investors know when someone calls him up, or emails them right or knocks on their door they’re not stupid they didn’t get to where they were for not not being smart and knowing they know you’re looking for something. So you don’t want to hide that you’re looking for something but you don’t want to just be like yo can give me a million bucks. You got to kind of build it get to know them see where they’re at. And also you want to make sure they’re the right person for you because they’re going to come in and ask for things like I know a lot of people that are on here they watch Shark Tank they watch the shows like The Prophet you know with Marcus and it and they all want something we’ve got the Mr. Wonderful who got you know, Barbara and Laurie who seem really nice and Robert, who likes to play with everybody, right? And Mark Cuban who just sits back every once in a while and Damon and then you know, Mark is on his own show. He’s got his own thing, but when you listen to they all want something in return to giving you something we all want something. It’s an easy even exchange. So you You have to make sure that that you have an exchange, I’m sure that you’re talking to the Right Whale as well. Is that something that, you know, you think is important making sure that when you’re looking for your whale investor, that it’s the right way.

Jeff Barnes 09:53:11
Right? And this the whole concept, buying a dream 100, right, make that 100 that list, excuse me, of 100 people that fit your criteria. Right? So there’s another question that’s come from Jason, I believe. And Jason was saying, Why am I not able to get cannabis funding? Well, Jason, I’m gonna tell you, that’s a very interesting industry right now. And there’s a lot of reasons why you may not be able to, but there’s also a lot of money going into that space. So I can tell you that if you’re not getting it, it’s not because there’s no funding available, it’s because of your approach most likely. And this is again, the dream 100 so if I’m going out there and I’m trying to find funding for cannabis, the most like depending on the type of business or the vertical you’re in within the cannabis space, let’s just say you’re creating oils, right? You’re diffusing oils out of cannabis and making all sorts of different concoctions well, then I might go after other companies that are doing the same thing, maybe there’s somewhere in that value stream and you go to them and you say Listen, this company is making the equipment so that I can you know, distill my my oils and whatnot. Maybe I’ll go talk to them and find out are they interested in investing? Are they interested in partnering? Do they know any investors? Right so they might be a dream 100 because they might be a client or they might be a vendor for you at some point.

Diana Tsakiris 09:54:31
That’s really cleared so if I’m taking the raw cannabis plant, right, and I grow it let’s say that let’s say Jason’s line is and Jason I know we haven’t jumped on a call yet but we will. Let’s say Jason’s line of business is he’s the one that grows it and he needs investment to get it to where he’s growing it to turn it into the oil. If he goes to the company that manufactures the machine that he needs, they can potentially want to partner with Jason in a sense to help get him to build up the steps he might not be able to get to the Warren Buffett stage investment people yet probably need a different name in this industry but you know, Mr. Buffett Musk is on my mind maybe he’s gonna come visit me but they can make they can help get them to those stepping stones so that when they do get to the big money that you know they’re they’re building their way up. That’s really great advice especially in something like cannabis which there’s so much money that’s going into cannabis but you have to know how to find it where to find it and how to present it because it still falls in that weird controversial things because of the Federal Yeah, there’s a lot of gray area but yeah, that’s that was great advice and I can see that with the sock industry too you know, like I’m making the socks but maybe if I go backwards It’s my fault I’m the final product but I still have to get the the raw material and the machinery in to get to the socks maybe those other people that have that area might be the ones that can help grow my final product because it helped grow their business right?

Jeff Barnes 09:56:05
Yeah, you know, then maybe next week, we should be talking about creative financing too. Because I think a lot of people are they’re hung up on $1 amount right? And hung up on $1 amount of I need this much money their only focus is raising that much money versus what are you going to do with the money at the end of the day and then you figure out maybe a creative way to go about getting that done without getting the check right

Diana Tsakiris 09:56:30
i think that’s a really good idea I think we just figured out what episode eight is going to be and I think we’re going to talk a lot of we’re going to continue this will conversation and take it into creative financing and go from there yeah I’m I’m more Maddie I love you know by the way you know more you’re you’re amazing I love how supportive you are here and you’re always in here in the comments and saying how great we are Thank you more it’s great to see even knows that one of his business lines were not able to work with because of the industry but he still supports us so we appreciate that more. He said the power of a good pitch Will you know but yeah, that’s that’s a great great to point out there that you have to know it’s it’s not just what you’re saying. It’s how you’re saying and when you’re saying it and who you’re saying it to. You know, it’s I can say the same sentence over and over you know, like I can be like, you know, Hey Jeff, I need to take the day off or I’d be like I’m taking the day off. You know, like there’s, there’s so many little things and how it can be said what time of day it said when it said what else is going on you have to be aware of all these things and you’re aware whales are super aware of what’s going on around them right they didn’t become a whale because they weren’t super hyper tensive aware of things. They’re not shambu is not the biggest baddest creature in the in the you know the ocean for a reason and can but can also be fooled. lips, you know, I mean, if we look at shambu he’s one of the most dangerous animals out there, right? But yet, I go to SeaWorld right down the street all the time. And you know, he’s swimming and playing with people all lovey dovey and giving kisses. So that tells you that whales are multifaceted. So not just the animals, but you know

Jeff Barnes 09:58:19
these Well, it’s a really funny analogy, but I’ll take it, then, you

Diana Tsakiris 09:58:23
know, I am really funny at times, I’m gonna let you wrap up this and I’m not going to jump in again until you know, it’s time to wrap it up. Maybe.

Jeff Barnes 09:58:31
Alright, fair. Well, let’s just go back to the dream. 100. Right. And so William Finch asked another question, as well as, like, how do I raise capital with limited credit, and a job that takes up most of my time, you know, again, I think the creative financing conversation we’re gonna have next week is going to be really important. But let me just address this using the dream 100 idea. When I was going out in one of my very first businesses, I was doing real estate investing. And I had zero clue how to raise money, and never done it before my life, didn’t know what in the world I was doing, and was terrified and scared to death. Matter of fact, I would literally have panic attacks going to have a conversation with people because I was just so scared about doing this, right, I was always the operator of the behind the scenes guy. So going out there and talking to somebody for the sale or for the investment was really hard. So what I decided to do was, maybe it was just the universe’s way of forcing me into this, I ended up partnering with somebody who was really good at raising money, and was really good at talking to people. And what he lacked was the operational ability behind the scenes to get stuff done. Just wasn’t good at that part. I was. So we paired up. And we ended up raising a few million dollars for real estate development projects, which was a terrible thing to do at the time, because it was right during the peak of the housing bubble. So that was a really bad thing for us to do, unfortunately, and ended up having a major loss. But the what happened was, we pair it up with him, er, he and I paired together, we start working together. And Randy would go out there and drum up the investors drum up the business and talk to them. And then I would kind of come in and just sort of edify right, because then we talked about the operational plans and what we’re going to do and the numbers and that at all right. And because we both had our MBAs, we look credible, and we know we’re talking about and using his network of people, what he did is he was a real estate broker, right? So as a real estate broker, and we’re trying to raise money for real estate investing, guess what, he already has a warm network of people inside the real estate space. So now he can go out there, he knows the people that are buying the multimillion dollar mansions, the people that are buying second, third, fourth, fifth investment properties. So now we know who the dream 100 are for our potential investment in what you have to do is you have to go out there and you have to find the people who have already invested in these different spaces, these different verticals, and talk to them. Right, create your dream 100. So William, to answer your question, do you have a job, you have very little time you have very little credit, you need to find somebody else to put on your team that can help fill some gaps that you have. And when you do that, the next thing you need to do is you need to get very, very clear on what your guys’s goals are, right? What is the purpose of raising money in your business? What exactly is your business? Right? A lot of people don’t even know what their business really is, right? You know, some people might say, Oh, well, my business is building up an e commerce brand. And okay, that might be great. But let me use Harley as an example. If you say okay, my my business is an e commerce apparel business. And I asked you Okay, what business is Harley in? You? Just go ahead. Tell me really quick, Diana, What business do you think Harley Davidson is in?

Diana Tsakiris 10:01:47
I mean, you know, I’m gonna jump and say motorcycles,

Jeff Barnes 10:01:50
right? And that’s what a lot of people say, right? They say the Harley davidsons are the motorcycles? Well, that’s not really what their business is. Harley Davidson is really in the business of being a badass, right? Being a badass weekend warrior. Right? Because if it was, if it was just about motorcycles, they would make the best most awesome kick ass high performance engine and motorcycle ever. They don’t right.

Diana Tsakiris 10:02:10
Now they don’t Yeah, that’s it talks to the motorcycle community. And they

Jeff Barnes 10:02:15
know that I agree, right? I’m huge in the motorcycle community, but they’d agree that they can’t buy a Harley off the floor stock and drive it home and be okay with it. Right? Nobody thinks they have to add on to a Harley to make it the Harley, they want it to be out there. And everything else, right. So the fact is Harley Davidson does make a product, but what they’re selling is being the badass weekend warrior, right? They are bad and on their leathers and their boots and get on their bike. And now they’re not the meek, mild little accountant in the corner. They’re the big badass going out there right and up and down the beach. Right? So there’s that. Then if I asked you let’s go back to the 60s right? You know, back before we were around, Diana, but you know, I’ve, I’ve studied this enough. What business was Ray Kroc in With McDonald’s

Diana Tsakiris 10:03:02
Well, you know, I’m just gonna follow the same thought I do know the answer to this because I studied it, but I’m going to follow the same thought, hamburgers,

Jeff Barnes 10:03:09
right? Everybody thinks McDonald’s got star because hamburgers, right? And this this starts diving into a few more things that we could talk about later on. But Ray Kroc knew that his business was real estate. Okay. Ray Kroc had a product that people liked, there’s no doubt about that. But if you asked a lot of people, you know, if you’re going to build a product, you know, what are the things you’re going to look for in a product, they might say things like, oh, quality, and I want to have a good price point that I want to have a great brand and I want to have the right ingredient, you know, whatever. And what Ray Kroc said is I want a hungry crowd. So I’ve got to put my hand hamburger shop, right? Where I know people are going to be hungry. Because if Yeah, there’s a starving crowd right there. And my hamburger places right there, guess what? These people are going to come and get it because I’ve got milkshakes. And I’ve got burgers and who doesn’t like that? Right?

Diana Tsakiris 10:03:58
And don’t forget those fries. But yeah, that’s a really good point. Because you know, Harley Davis when whenever anybody thinks is hardly, yeah, you go motorcycle, but you do think about that leather clad guy driving down the street. And you think, man, that’s a badass. I mean, you hear the engine use that same thought comes in. And you’re buying a Harley for a lot of those reasons as well. McDonald’s, if you look around what McDonald’s does, because it is real estate, where they put a location, have you ever seen a corner that had very little anything, it was a street, and you’re like, wow, there’s a McDonald’s here. Give it a year. And now there’s a grocery store, and a movie theater, and a burger king and a taco bell and a gas station on every corner, and apartment complexes popping up behind there, and all of a sudden the economy around that, that goes, That’s super great. Oh, hey, Joe, nice to have you to drop in from Cancun.

Jeff Barnes 10:04:53
Let me this this thought first, before we wrap it up. But it along those lines, Walmart’s the same way, right? If you look at Walmart, they would always say that they’re going to go in the suburbs in the middle of nowhere. And then they knew what the economic development plan was. So they knew where to build ahead of everybody else. But I want to go back to the Williams question here in tight this all into the dream 100? What do you know what business you’re in, and you know what skills you lack. And you know what you need to get done, because you’re so clear, it gets really easy to figure out who you need to talk to, right? If I said, I’m going out there, I’m going to be building the next alternative energy fuel chamber for cars. And what this is going to allow us to do is get it out right and build that on, then I would be very clear about who the right investors are. Because I can go into place like crunchbase, I can just set up Google searches, right? I don’t know if people know how to do this. But if you go into Google’s and type in Google Alerts, you actually create alerts to send you an email every single day about let’s just do a Boolean search for investors in Tesla. Right? That would be a great one. And, you know, obviously, Tesla’s public houses millions of them but before they are public, you would have been able to find all these different investors that had put money into Tesla right or right away and reached out to them say hey, I saw you invest in Tesla I’m really interested in understanding why because I’m building something that I think would be complimentary to them. Right? So this is how you use the dream 100 he put it all to work for you to actually go out there and find the capital or the resources you need to build your business. alright with that I’ll be done.

Diana Tsakiris 10:06:31
Alright, thanks. Oh, it’s so great. We keep doing enough of these but you know, and you already knew I was wrapping it up there. But yeah, Joe from Cancun so nice to see that we’ve got someone checking in from Mexico and letting us know where you are. We’d love to hear where everybody’s out I’d like to hear those kinds of things. So today really what we learned is you know what a whale is it’s not shambu out there but it is the it is those guys that can write the checks that you need at that moment so if you’re only looking to raise $100,000 then a whale is going to be someone that can write $100,000 check if you’re looking to raise $10 million then you need to find the people that can write you know I you know at least five to $10 million you know at least a $5 million check you might need to wells at that point you know the bigger that you go you may need more than one you may not I know people that can write you know bigger checks but you’re going to look for those when you’re identifying your well you want to make sure do I want which whale do I want is this the right whale for me spend your time knowing that before you can identify if you you’re talking to the white whale the Right Whale say that five

Jeff Barnes 10:07:37
times we don’t need to go Moby Dick on is there no yeah.

Diana Tsakiris 10:07:40
Yeah no if you want to make sure that you’re you are identifying exactly what you are and who you’re which is something we just kind of talked about. We always keep going back. Who are you we we gave the Starbucks example. Starbucks isn’t about coffee. It’s about the experience of coming in there selling that out. atmosphere they want you to sit and enjoy the space. McDonald’s is real estate. Hardly hardly. Davis is badass. You know, Walt Disney World was building your imagination. It’s way more than just the movies and the theme parks know who you are and what you’re really what’s your business’s angel investors network we’re not investors, we’re not angels. We’re here to build work with you not build your business. We’re here to work side by side with business owners to help them build guide them and grow them to build eight to nine figure valuations are more so that their investable, sellable, scalable, whether you’re giving you’re looking for investors or not, you know, or looking to sell, get you up to build so that an investor will be invested in you. We know that’s why we’re here. And with that, next week, we’re going to talk about creative financing. Are we in agreeance? to that?

Jeff Barnes 10:09:00
I think that’s where we should go I think we should start talking about we would call use of funds,

Diana Tsakiris 10:09:05
use of funds, are we doing use of funds or creative financing? Oh, it’s

Jeff Barnes 10:09:09

Diana Tsakiris 10:09:11
tied together. But I think we might be able to get two episodes out of that. But we’ll start with creative financing. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page. For some you know, every once in a while I go in there and kind of talk about, you know what we just talked about, I talked a little bit about what’s coming up from time to time. Heidi, thanks for checking in and from Virginia Beach. And let us know what you think about whales what questions you have go in and do our Ask death you know, ask me anything the CEO Jeff Barnes and submit your questions. We we respond to you via email as well. And I look forward to meeting everybody and Jeff, have a great rest of your Thursday.

Jeff Barnes 10:09:54
I’m looking forward to today. Thank you very much. Thanks, everyone for being here. Appreciate you guys and we’ll talk to you next week. Bye bye.

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