Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Website

Brett FogleIt’s the year 2015, and although we aren’t driving around in flying cars as many thought we would be by this point in history, we are eating up one of the futuristic concepts people projected.

The Internet.

The Internet is everything. You can catch up with friends, shop, and check out what’s going on half way across the world in just a click of the mouse- amongst other things.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, the online world is something they have used to their advantage for years. They create websites, videos, and more to allow potential customers to one, easily find their business, and two, attract them to their product.

And honestly, a website is a MUST have if you want to be successful as a business owner or entrepreneur in this day and age.

Here are four ways you can begin to use the Internet to your business’s advantage.

1. RESEARCH PLATFORMS. There are numerous website platforms you can use to build your website. Do your research on which system will work best for you. If you’re using an off-the-shelf system that you’ll end up spending half of your time on just trying to figure out how to make it work, it’s time to consider something different. Time is your most valuable asset, don’t waste it using the wrong platform.

2. CUT DOWN ON OVERHEAD. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars per month on a platform that has all the latest “bells and whistles,” consider cutting your overhead by moving to a less costly system. Chances are, you are only using about 40 percent of all those fancy features anyways. Simplicity is sometimes best. It keeps your cost down and keeps customers from trying to perform rocket science just to purchase your product.

3. USE UPSELLS AND DOWNSELLS. A hefty mistake new online business owners or entrepreneurs make is not offering upsells or downsells. For upsells, once a customer has made their first purchase, they are far more likely to buy from you again. This is known as “consistency of commitment.” So, there is simply no better time than after they buy to offer them more. As for a downsell, statistics show that 65 to 85 percent of people visiting your order page abandon without buying. Try to reengage a customer before they leave. Find a way to offer them something else of different price- even a free trial- so that you can get them into your marketing funnel. Once they trust you, they will be back

4.UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA. These days, testimonials are almost cliché. Potential customers don’t want to hear about some random person’s experience with your company, they want to hear it from people they know. Someone is more opt to buy something a friend, family member, colleague, or any other person in their circle is recommending. Find a way to get your customers talking and sharing their experience and opinion of your business and products to their social circles online.

By following these simple tips, online business owners and entrepreneurs can greatly increase their revenues- while slashing their expenses and overhead- by getting their business and products onto the Internet.

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