The “New” Angel Investors Network

Since 1997 our clients have secured more than $200 million in funding for their ventures. Many of these companies have gone public and made small fortunes for both the investors and the entrepreneurs.

During that time we’ve learned what it takes to help companies successfully scale their sales and profits, and make their investors happy in the process. Now, we are expanding our offerings to even more entrepreneurs and investors with our expanded list of services and programs.

Read the Details Below, or Watch This Overview From Me!

Here’s a brief history of what we’ve done since 1997:

  • First online, nationwide angel investors group founded in 1997
  • First to use digital media (video, audio, etc.) to broadcast information worldwide about investing in private ventures
  • Pioneers in helping entrepreneurs build websites to attract investors
  • First to publish a book on how entrepreneurs can leverage crowd funding to capitalize their business
  • First to publish a book on how investors can use their 401(k) plans to invest in small private ventures
  • Created Pitch Tank in 2016 to help more entrepreneurs and investors experience what it’s like to be on Shark Tank on both sides of the aisle
  • Our digital marketing courses have helped entrepreneurs generate tens of millions in online sales through their marketing systems
  • We’ve invested in and acquired minority stakes in several businesses, some generating over $150k per day in online revenue
  • Consulted with and coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs on sales, marketing, capital structure, and business development
  • Hosted over 10,000 investors at our events
  • And much more!

Now, in 2019 we are going to blow you and all of our members away with all of the additional value we have to offer!

With our expanded team and services, we can provide even more to our clients and help even more companies and investors succeed.

Here’s just a brief list of what we are bringing out:

  • Our Inner Circle, designed to educate and assist entrepreneurs and investors succeed in private ventures with a monthly newsletter and biweekly training webinars
  • A virtual coaching program for entrepreneurs who need help with raising capital and scaling their sales and marketing systems
  • A “Platinum” Investor Council and mastermind to help multi-million dollar business executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and owners build world-class businesses
  • A partnership with one of the largest Executive and Entrepreneurial organizations on the planet!
  • A new venture fund to help investors diversify their portfolio and entrepreneurs to get the capital they need
  • Even more Pitch Tank events each year
  • An opportunity for you to become a franchise owner in Angel Investors Network.
  • And a single opportunity left for an incredibly enthusiastic investor to join our team!
  • And even more on the way!

Want all of the details? Watch this video from me that will go into why I am so excited for our future!

If you’re an investor or successful business owner looking to expand your net worth, please complete this short form and send it over to us to let us know how we can help you even more!

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